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Explorer Program

(310) 618-5743

Torrance Police Explorer Program 

What is Law Enforcement Exploring?

  • Exploring is a youth oriented program for young adults ages 14 thru 18. The primary purpose of Exploring is to provide through actual training and experience a means by which young men and women may determine if they would like to pursue a career in law enforcement as adults.

  • The Torrance Police Explorer Post is governed by Learning for life, a division of the Boy Scouts. Being an Explorer allows members to build character, learn leadership skills and how to work together as a team. To achieve these goals the Post participates in a variety of activities that involve community service and personal development.

How do I qualify for a Police Explorer Position?

  • You must be between the ages of 14 and 18, be of good moral character, have no serious arrest record or contact with Police and maintain a minimum of a "C" average in school.

How do I become an Explorer?

  • The application procedure consists of completing an Explorer application, medical evaluation, complete background check and an oral interview.

  • Once accepted into the program you will be required to attend a 12 week Academy. The Academy consist of 12 consecutive Saturday classes.

  • Click Here to fill out an on-line interest card or call 310-618-5743 for more information.


  • Classroom lectures and demonstrations, drill, arrest and control techniques are taught by Sworn Officers. Drill Instructors are former graduates and are current Explorers.

  • Classroom lectures will give recruits a good working knowledge of police operations on subjects such as criminal law, ethics and professionalism, report writing, officer safety and community relations. Physical training and drill will instill a sense of self-control, command presence, leadership, teamwork and mental discipline.

Explorer Advisors: Officers McCarthy, Martinez, Farley, Chance and Sgt. Solorzano


  • The Academy standards are high and demanding. Those who do not or will not meet the standards in academics, leadership, general performance and physical ability will be terminated or recycled to a later class. Those who measure up to the required standards will join the ranks of the most professional group of young men and women in the Exploring world.

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