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Patrol Unit



The Patrol Division is under the command of a police captain.  Six lieutenants serve as watch commanders.  There are twelve field sergeants and 80 police officers in Patrol.  Lieutenants, sergeants, and officers are assigned to work one of three different shifts, 07,15, or 00 watch.  The City is divided into 6 beats with each beat patrolled by at least one unit.

Patrol is the largest division within the Police Department, and the Patrol Officers are the first responders to our community's calls for service, playing a key role in our public service, crime prevention, crime detection, criminal apprehension, S.W.A.T., C.S.I., K9 and Focus Based Policing efforts. 

Patrol Officers generally work in full uniform and operate marked black and white police vehicles.  A Patrol Officer's day ranges from handling routine reports to life threatening dangerous situations.  When not answering calls for service, Patrol Officers seek out and proactively suppress criminal activity.  They also routinely participate in such activities as traffic enforcement, community problem-solving activities, assisting citizens in improving the quality of life in the City, and numerous other law enforcement functions.