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Detective Division


The Detective Division coordinates the on-scene investigation of major incidents; investigates crimes which require extended periods of time, expertise, or sensitivity; and conducts follow up to all crimes initiated through patrol reports.

The Division determines if a crime has been committed, gathers and preserves evidence, identifies and apprehends the offender, recovers stolen property, prepares cases which lead to the successful prosecution and conviction of the perpetrator and renders assistance to the crime victim is of prime importance during all stages of an investigation.

Units within the Detective Division include:

The Crimes Persons Section, which investigates homicides, robberies, and assaults, the Detectives also investigate missing person cases, domestic violence, criminal threats, Officer Involved Shooting incidents and a wide range of additional crimes most commonly involving some type of threat or violence. 

The Crimes Property Section, which investigates burglary, larceny, auto theft, and vehicle tampering. It establishes and maintains a cooperative relationship with all alarm holders within the city.  It also tracks all arson registrants who reside in the City of Torrance.

The Youth Services Section consists of School Resource Officers (SRO's) and Juvenile Detectives who focus their efforts on all facets of youth related crimes including the abuse and exploitation of children under the age of 18. They also organize and participate in various youth outreach events and educational programs throughout the City of Torrance and in partnership with the Torrance Unified School District. The Youth Services Section also includes the Sex Crimes Detail that investigates all reports of sexual assaults against adults and minors, as well as tracks all sex registrants who reside in the City of Torrance. 

The Economic Crimes Section (which includes financial elder abuse) investigates forgery/fraud and identity theft, as well as crimes involving forgery of checks, wills, real estate deeds, loan documents, and all other questioned legal documents.  Identity theft involves creating new documents or credit cards using the identity of another person.  Although investigations are their main task, Identity Theft detectives also attend community meetings to make presentations educating people on how to prevent victimization.  Elder Abuse detectives investigate financial crimes on elderly victims. 

This section also maintains a relationship with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, which is operated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Digital Forensics Laboratory assists detectives with the recovery and analysis of data from computers, cellular phones, tablets and other electronic devices that may contain digital evidence.

The Forensic Identification Unit is responsible for performing a variety of tasks and procedures related to Latent print examinations, chemical processing and crime scene investigations to include documentation, preservation, collection and analysis of physical and physiological evidence. The Forensic personnel are also responsible in providing court testimony as an expert witness in the relevant areas of crime scene investigations and latent print examinations.