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Services Division


The Technical Services Division is responsible for the operation of the Department's Jail and Property Room, maintaining liaison with the courts, and maintaining the entire Police Facility and all Department vehicles.

Services Section

The Services Section has the responsibility to coordinate the maintenance and improvements to the Police Facility and acts as a liaison with other City departments that supply and maintain radio's, telephones, etc. In addition, the Section operates the Motor Transport and Photo Lab Details. The Motor Transport Detail manages over 100 vehicles that are prepared and maintained by the City's Fleet Services Department, based on Police Department needs. The Photo Lab Detail provides custom photo services for the Department. The demands range from providing contact prints (or proofs) to enlargements of all kinds. This detail also manages the digital photo database for the Department.

Property Section

The Property Section receives, stores, and disposes of all property the Department takes into custody, including all physical evidence and found property. The Section is also responsible for sending physical evidence to the crime lab for processing. Almost everything imaginable has been booked into the property room -- common items include documents, guns, auto parts, tools, televisions, stereos, bicycles, and clothing. The Section is also responsible for the storage and distribution of daily supplies used by Department personnel.

Jail Section

The Torrance Police Department has one of the largest city jails in the county. The function of the Section is to process persons arrested for crimes. Processing includes the taking of an arrestee's photograph (mug shot) and fingerprints, obtaining proper identification, and housing and caring until the arrestee is able to post bail or is taken to court for arraignment. In addition, the Jail Section is responsible for staffing the desk in the front lobby of the police department to take counter reports and assist the public.

Court Liaison Detail

The Court Liaison Detail maintains a working relationship with the local courts. They are responsible for insuring lawful subpoena service to officers, victims, and witnesses to pending court cases.