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Tech Crimes Detail

The High Technology Crimes Unit is staffed by two detectives who are extensively trained and maintain an expertise in digital forensics.  They work from the South Bay Regional Computer Forensics Lab (SBRCFL) located at Torrance PD and are tasked with the recovery and analysis of data from computers, cellular phones, tablets and other electronic devices that may contain digital evidence.  Through the use of sophisticated equipment and programs, these detectives are able to find information that criminals believe was hidden or destroyed.  The lab also provides forensic video and imaging enhancement services.

The SBRCFL is frequently called to assist other detectives in various investigations, ranging from Internet crimes, identity theft, child exploitation, narcotics dealing, and homicide.  Since the unit operates under the umbrella of a regional lab, they're often called upon to assist other South Bay agencies and members of various state and federal task forces.

The position can be quite demanding, but officers with an aptitude and desire to be near the forefront of technology can find the challenges very rewarding