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Torrance Police Department Divisions

The Patrol Division is under the command of Captain Mike Browne. Six lieutenants serve as watch commanders. There are twelve field sergeants and 80 officers. Lieutenants, sergeants and officers are assigned to work one of three different shifts, 07, 15 or 00 Watch. The City is divided into six beats, with each beat patrolled by at least one unit.

Patrol is the largest division within the Police Department, and the Patrol Officers are the first responders to our community's calls for service; playing a key role in our public service, crime prevention, crime detection, criminal apprehension, and Community-Oriented Policing efforts.

Patrol Officers generally work in full uniform and operate marked black and white police vehicles. A Patrol Officer's day ranges from handling routine reports to life threatening dangerous situations. When not answering calls for service, Patrol Officers seek out and proactively suppress criminal activity. They also routinely participate in such activities as traffic enforcement, community problem-solving activities, assisting citizens in improving the quality of life in the City and numerous other law enforcement functions.

Officer Carol Wilk talks about the role of a Torrance Patrol Officer and why she chose a career at the Torrance Police Department.

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The Communications Division is under the command of Captain

The Services Division is under the command of Captain

The Detectives Division is under the command of Captain             and coordinates the on-scene investigation of major incidents; investigates crimes which require extended periods of time, expertise, or sensitivity; and conducts follow up to all crimes initiated through patrol reports.

The Detective Division:

Determines if a crime has been committed.

Gathers and preserves evidence.

Identifes and apprehends the offender.

Recover sstolen property.

Prepares cases which lead to the successful prosecution and conviction of the perpetrator. Rendering assistance to the crime victim is of prime importance during all stages of an investigation

Units within the Detective Division include:

Crimes Persons Unit
Investigates homicide, assaults, domestic violence and missing persons.

Crimes Property Unit
Investigates burglary, larceny, auto theft, and vehicle tampering. Establish and maintain a cooperative relationship with all alarm holders within the Torrance city limits.

Juvenile Section (Includes sex crime investigations and school resource officers)
Investigates cases involving juvenile suspects. The Sex Crime Detail investigates all sexual assault cases. They also investigate all indecent exposure and child annoyance cases. They track all sex registrants who reside in the city. They also investigate all physical, sexual, neglect, and endangerment of children under the age of 18.  The School Resource Officers are assigned to each high school campus and maintain a close working relationship with the Torrance Unified School District administration and staff. This Section is also responsible for the administration and use of the Megans Law database.

Economic Crimes Section (Includes financial and physical elder abuse)
Investigates forgery/fraud and identity theft.  Crimes involving forgery of checks, wills, real estate deeds, loan documents and all other questioned legal documents.  Identity theft involves creating new documents or credit cards using the identity of another person. Although investigations is their main task, Identity  theft detectives also attend community meetings to make presentations that educate people on how to prevent victimization. Elder Abuse detectives investigate financial crimes and physical abuse on elderly victims. Elder Abuse detectives also provide public education through a program called the "KeepsSafe" coalition. This section also maintains a relationship with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center which is operated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

High Tech Crime Unit
Investigates criminal cases where a computer is the target of a crime, or an instrument in the commission of a crime. They are also called upon to assist local law enforcement agencies with the seizure and processing of computer related evidence.

Court Liason
This section maintains a working relationship with the local courts. They are responsible to insure lawful subpoena service to officers, victims, and witnesses to pending court cases.

The Records Division is under the command of Captain      . Its address is as follows:

Records Division
Torrance Police Department
3300 Civic Center Dr.
Torrance, CA 90503-5056



Hours of Operation:

Seven days a week including holidays from 0700-2200.


About Records:

The Records Division is a service support unit within the Services Bureau.  Division staffing consists of a Records Manager, two Records Supervisors, and seventeen Police Records Clerks. 


The Records Division operates on a round-the-clock basis, performing numerous tasks aiding our department, other law enforcement agencies, and the general public to gain access to necessary records.  Part of our responsibilities includes interpreting federal and state laws, as well as departmental policy in determining the release and retrieval of confidential criminal information. 


For information on how to obtain a police report or a clearance letter, please click here.

For narcotic, arson, or sex registrant information, please click here.

For a list of Records services and fees, please click here.




Obtaining copies of reports:


You must be named on a report or be an authorized agent in order to receive a copy of a police report.


The below icon will allow you to download the Torrance Police Department Records Request form.  After completing, hand deliver or mail to the Police Department at:


Torrance Police Department

Records Division

3300 Civic Center Dr.

Torrance, CA 90503-5056



In person:


To obtain a copy of a report in person, you must have a valid photo ID.  Please complete the Report Request Form and return it to the Records Division during our normal business hours.  The cost for the report is $17 cash, check or money order.  Please make checks and money orders payable to The City of Torrance.  We do not accept $100.00 bills. 


In the mail:


To obtain a copy of a report by mail, please complete the Report Request Form, and return to our mailing address with a copy of your valid photo ID, check or money order, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH.


Please include the report number as well as, the date, time, and location of incident. Also include your phone number in the event that we need to contact you.


The processing time for your report will vary depending on the incident.  The average turn-around time for a response will be 10 days, upon receipt within the Records Division.  If you have any questions, please call 310-618-5529.





Report Request Form Icon





Obtaining a Clearance Letter:


You may request a clearance letter in person only.  You must have lived, currently live, or work in the City of Torrance.  Please bring your current driver's license as valid proof of residency.  If you work in the City of Torrance, please bring your company issued identification badge as verification of your employer, as well as your driver's license or photo identification.  The cost of a clearance letter is $27.



Copies of Reports


Clearance Letters


Fix-it Tickets


Fingerprint ID Fees-1st two cards


Fingerprint ID Fees-each additional card


Impounded  Vehicle Fees

$72-cash only

Stored  Vehicle Fees

$72-cash only

Vehicle Repossession Fees


Subpoena Fees-Officer


Subpoena Fees-Records








Impounded and Stored vehicle releases are to be paid in cash only.


The Records Division does not accept $100.00 bills.


For your convenience an ATM is available in the Lobby.






Narcotic, Arson, and Sex Registrant Information:


Sex Registrant:


To register as a Sex offender please contact the Detective Division at 310-618-5570.



Arson or Narcotic Registrant:


To register as an Arson or Narcotic registrant you must bring photo identification and current proof of Torrance residency such as a current utility bill with your name on it or a letter from a sober living facility. No appointment is necessary.


The registration process could take up to 2 hours.  Please allow yourself sufficient time to complete the entire process.