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Vehicle Burglary/Theft

Vehicle burglaries and vehicle thefts are the most commonly reported crimes in Torrance.  The difference between a burglary and a theft is whether or not your vehicle is locked.  A theft occurs when you leave your vehicle unlocked, and a thief steals property from inside of your vehicle.  A burglary occurs when your vehicle is locked, and a thief enters your car by means of force, and then steals property. 

To avoid becoming a victim of theft; always make sure that your vehicle doors are locked when your vehicle is parked.  To lessen your chances of becoming a victim of a burglary, know that there are two basic criteria that vehicle burglars look for prior to committing a theft.  First, they want a good "score."  In other words, they want to steal money or steal an object that they can easily sell.  Second, they want the easiest target with the lowest risk.  For example, a purse that has been left on the front seat of a car is an easy target that a thief can quickly steal.  The majority of vehicle burglaries that occur in Torrance and the rest of the South Bay, are the result of a purse, wallet, laptop computer, or other valuable item left in plain view on the seat of a vehicle.

Many people also make the mistake of covering up their valuables with a towel or other object once they have already parked their car.  Unfortunately, burglars know this trick also and will frequently target vehicles with items obviously covered up, but still in plain view.  To greatly reduce your chance of becoming a victim of a vehicle burglary, remember to never leave valuables in plain view inside of your vehicle.  If you must park your vehicle with valuables inside, always hide the valuables prior to arriving at the location where you will be parking.  And remember, if you have a vehicle alarm, use it whenever you park and leave your vehicle, even for a short time.

And remember, always report suspicious persons to the police department. 

To crimes in progress crime, call 9-1-1

For non-emergency reporting, call 618-5641


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