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CERT Basic Training

The CERT Basic Training Course is designed to provide volunteers with the basic skills and information needed to be prepared for, and respond to, emergencies and disasters in the community.  All volunteers must complete this training to be eligible to become registered with the City of Torrance as a Disaster Service Worker.  This training is provided free of charge to residents and business members of the Torrance community.  Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate verifying they have completed the course.

Module 1 - Disaster Preparedness:  Addresses hazards to which people are vulnerable in their community. Materials cover actions that participants and their families take before, during, and after a disaster.

Module 2 - Disaster Fire Suppression:  Briefly covers fire chemistry, hazardous materials, fire hazards, and fire suppression strategies. However, the thrust of this session is the safe use of fire extinguishers, sizing up the situation, controlling utilities, and extinguishing a small fire.

Module 3 - Disaster Medical Operations - Part I :  Participants practice diagnosing and treating airway obstruction, bleeding, and shock by using simple triage and rapid treatment techniques.

Module 4 - Disaster Medical Operations - Part II:  Covers evaluating patients by doing a head to toe assessment, establishing a medical treatment area, performing basic first aid, and practicing in a safe and sanitary manner.

Module 5 - Light Search & Rescue:  Participants learn about search and rescue planning, size-up, search techniques, rescue techniques, and most important, rescuer safety.

Module 6 - Disaster Psychology:  Focuses on the psychological impact of a disaster on rescuers and victims, and how to provide "psychological first aid" and steps one can take individually and as part of a CERT before, immediately following, and after a disaster.

Module 7 - Terrorism:   Covers the definition of terrorism and terrorist goals, the weapons that terrorists are known or are suspected to have and the risk posed by various terrorist weapons, cues that help to identify when a terrorist attack has occurred or may be imminent and CERT protocols for terrorist incidents and protective action following an event.

Module 8 - Team Organization: Covers the incident command system and how to organize and deploy volunteer resources according to CERT organizational principles and the need for documentation.  

Module 9 - Disaster Simulation/Graduation: Participants take part in a disaster exercise simulating a major disaster in the local community. During the disaster exercise, the students are able to practice those skills learned in the classroom.

Those interested in attending an upcoming CERT Basic Training Course may register by calling the Community Services Department at (310) 618-2720.  Click here for more information.

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