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In Memory of our Silent Keys

We dedicate this webpage to these TARA Silent Key Members who contributed in many ways to the success of the TARA program. TARA will always remember the times shared, accomplishments and contributions made, and the fun times had by all with them over the years.

Leonard Wolslager - WA6BQG   Harold Burba - N6AXQ
Sal Sanchez - KD6LWB   Harry Tollefsrund - N6TCY
Tommy Thompson - KA6PUN   Charles Waddell - KC6W
Les Rushton - W6LES   Craig Williams - W6DZV
Sheldon Chelsy - WB6KED   John Orr - KX6A
Henry Schmidling - WA6RJA   Frank Glass - N6FZR
Clarke Harris - WB6ADC   Roger Caukin - AA6IL
George Watts - KB6V   Gustavo Unguez - AB6WW
Roe Ramsay - KF6PZG   Tom McMahon - K2EYE 
Ed Thornley - W6RXD   Warren Lee - KI6AML

Bill Wiggins - WA6VLP

Rod Hewitt - KM6KU

Jean Beauleu - AA6CA

Dodie Clarkson - KF6EXV


Dick Perkins - W6ATT

Ron Goldman - KG6UUP

David Komm - KD6VP

John Kemper W6JN

Bob Metcalf N6XBQ