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Fire Department

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The 1990s

In 1991 the department reorganized to create a separate Hazardous Materials Administrative Division. One of the duties of this Division is to represent the City's interests in the implementation of a legal Consent Decree between the City and the Mobil Oil Corporation. The Consent Decree authorized a stem to stern safety evaluation of Mobil's refinery. This important project is a very high priority for the department. The department's Hazardous Materials Administrative Division acts as the City's formal liaison to a Court Appointed Safety Advisor.

In the early 90's, the department recognized a need to increase its expertise and capability in the field of Technical Rescue Services. Over a period of several years significant enhancements in both training and equipment have resulted in the creation of a first class Tech Rescue Response Team. The Torrance Firefighters Association donated a heavy-duty trailer that has been refurbished and specially equipped for this purpose.

The department secured the use of an abandoned Nike missile silo at the Torrance Airport and converted it to a Technical Rescue Training Facility that has been certified by the State Fire Marshal's Office. All Torrance Fire Department personnel have been trained and received various levels of certification in technical rescue techniques. This program has increased the department's day-to-day ability to handle vehicle entrapments, industrial accidents, trench collapses, and the like. Of equal importance is a significantly enhanced capability in the event of structural collapse caused by earthquake or other natural or man-made disasters.

In 1995 the Torrance Fire Department received a rating as a Class 1 Fire Department by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). The ISO rates fire departments, nation-wide, for their effectiveness. The Torrance Fire Department is proud to be one of less than twenty Class 1 departments in the United States.

Today's Torrance Fire Department is a multi-disciplinary organization providing for life safety, environmental protection, and property conservation through many layers and levels of cross-training and specialized equipment. Its greatest asset continues to be the quality and dedication of the people who "are" the Torrance Fire Department. People with a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity that are the tradition of the fire service. People who have a profound respect for and commitment to the citizens of Torrance.


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