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Fire Chief's Message

The Torrance Fire Department has the important role of protecting our community. We are proud of our Mission- the protection of life, the environment, and property.

The key to delivering our services is the personnel assigned to the Department's four divisions: Administrative, Operations, Fire Prevention, and Hazardous Materials Administration.

It is through their commitment and dedication to excellence that the Torrance Fire Department is able to deliver the high-quality service expected by the Torrance Community.

We have structured the delivery of our services in such a way as to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the use of human and physical resources in order to meet our Mission. We deliver these services with the greatest margin of safety for our firefighters and citizens, in the most fiscally responsible way.

As one of approximately forty Class 1 Fire Departments in the United States, the personnel of the Torrance Fire Department are proud to be part of the vision of Torrance as a "Premiere City."

William Racowschi
Fire Chief