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Annual Permits are required for any of the following items. After initial processing, the fee will appear on your business license renewal each year.

Application for Annual Fire Permit
Annual Fire Permit Fees Effective 7/1/2015


A1 Aerosol products.  
A2 Aircraft refueling vehicles.  
A3 Aircraft repair hangar.  
A5 Automobile wrecking yard.  
C3 Cellulose nitrate film.  
C4 Cellulose nitrate storage.  
C5 Combustible fiber storage.  
C6 Combustible material storage.  
C71 Flammable, less than the exempt amount.  
C72 Flammable,  greater than exempt amount.  
C73 Highly toxic and toxic,  less than exempt amount.  
C74 Highly toxic and toxic,  greater than exempt amounts.
C75 Pyrophoric,  less than exempt amount.
C76 Pyrophoric,  greater than the exempt amount.
C77 Radioactive,  less than exempt amount.
C78 Radioactive,  greater than the exempt amount.
C79 Unstable reactive,  less than the exempt amount.
C710 Unstable reactive,  greater than the exempt amount.
C711 Corrosive,  less than the exempt amount.
C712 Corrosive,  greater than the exempt amount.
C713 Inert and simple asphyxiant  6000 cubic feet or greater
C714 Irritant, greater than permit amount.
(N/A) Irritant greater than exempt amount
C716 Other health hazard, greater than permit amount.
(N/A) Other health hazard, greater than exempt amount
C718 Oxidizing (including oxygen)  less than the exempt amount.
C719 Oxidizing, (including oxygen)  greater than the exempt amount.
C720 Sensitizer, greater than permit amount.   
(N/A) Senitizer, greater than exempt amount   
C8 Commercial rubbish-handling operation.   
C9 Cryogens.   
D1 Dry cleaning plants.   
D2 Dust-producing operations.   
D3 Day care, Group E, Div. 3.   
D4 Day care, Large family, Group R, Div. 3.    
E1 Explosives or blasting agents.   
E2 Group E, Div. 1 and 2.  (Private schools).   
F31 Pipelines.   
F32 Inside storage greater than exempt amounts.   
F33 Inside storage less than exempt amounts.  
F34 Outside storage greater than exempt amounts.  
F341 Outside storage less than exempt amount  
F35 Flammable liquids facilities-  
F381 Aboveground storage tank, (first tank)  
F38X Additional aboveground storage tanks  
F4 Fruit ripening.  
(N/A) Fumigation or Thermal insecticidal fog   
H1 Hazardous materials.  
H3 High-piled combustible storage.  
I21 Group I, Div. 1.2.  Outpatient medical care more than 5 patients.  
I22 Group I, Div. 2.  Homes and ambulatory medical care facilities for more than 6.  
I23 Group I, Div. 1.1. Hospitals and sanitariums.  Nurseries and nonambulatory medical care for up to 100 patients.  
I24 Group I, Div. 1.1. Hospitals and sanitariums.  Nurseries and nonambulatory medical care for more 100 patients.  
I25 Group I, Div. 3.  Mental facilities, jails, prisons, reformatories.    
L1 Liquefied petroleum gases.  Store, use, handle or dispense LP-Gas in accordance with Article 82    
L11 Liquefied petroleum gases, up to 6000 pounds    
L13 Liquid petroleum gases, over 6000 pounds    
L3 Lumber yards.    
M1 Magnesium working.    
M2 Mall, covered.    
N1 New Business inspection and Issuance of Fire Clearance    
O1 Open burning.    
O2 Organic coatings.    
O3 Ovens, industrial baking or drying.    
P21 Assembly with an occupant load of 5000 or more.     
P22 Assembly occupany with an occupant load greater than 1000, but less than 5000    
P23 Movie theaters.    
P24 Clubs, lodges and recreation halls.    
P25 Churches.    
P26 Restaurants and Drinking Establishments.    
P27 Bowling alleys and billiard parlors.    
P28 Dance studios and ballrooms.    
P29 Mortuaries and cemetery chapels.    
P3 Pyrotechnical special effects material.    
R1 Radioactive materials.    
R2 Refrigeration equipment.    
R3 Repair garages.-Service or repair of motor vehicles *    
R4 Group R, Div. 2.1, 2.2.  Residential Care Facilities accommodating more than six clients.    
S1 Spraying and dipping.    
T2 Tire storage.  
W1 Welding and cutting operations.  
W2 Woodworking.  
 *S-3 Repair Garages without welding or cutting operations  
 For H-4 Repair garages add W1 (welding and cutting)