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Old Fashion Fourth of July Celebration

To Be Discontinued Starting in 2011

Unfortunately, the City of Torrance has not been spared the impacts of our down turned economy. Torrance faced the challenge of balancing its budget this year and beyond.  This entailed close assessment of City operations, resources, programs, services, and activities.  The main goal was to find ways to continue providing quality services to the Torrance community.  In light of these economic challenges, the difficult decision was made to discontinue hosting Torrance's Old Fashion Fourth of July Celebration at Charles H. Wilson Park next year.

The Mayor and City Council remain committed to protecting vital programs and services along with consistently showing a high level of support for recreation, parks, cultural activities, library programs, and events offered by the City.  We would like to remind you that all fireworks remain illegal in the City of Torrance.

We realize community members may have opinions about this decision, or may be interested in sponsoring the Fourth of July event in the future, feel free to submit them online by using "CityGram" at www.TorranceCA.Gov/NewCRequest2.htm or under "Contact Us," which can be found at the bottom of every City webpage  

We look forward to receiving your input. 



John Jones

John Jones

Community Services Department Director