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We would like to thank all those that participated in the Torrance Public Library's Library Centennial Film Contest!

Watch all the contest submissions here on Youtube!

The Torrance Public Library received so many wonderful video contest entries for its Library Centennial Film Contest that it was almost impossible to choose winners! We greatly appreciate all the creativity and enthusiasm that each entry displayed. Our judges consisted of a member of each of the following volunteer organizations: Torrance Historical Society, Torrance Library Foundation, Friends of the Torrance Library, Cable Television Advisory Board, and the Torrance Library Commission. Each judge rated the films on Technical Quality (25%), Aesthetic Composition (25%), Creativity (25%), and Library Spirit (25%). The participants with the highest overall score won in their respective category.

There will be a special public screening of all the entries in the Torrance Public Library Community Room on Saturday, September 28, at 2:00pm. At the event, we will acknowledge each participant with a token of appreciation, and we will also present the prizes to the winners of each category. In addition, the winners will be featured on a special segment of This Week in Torrance on Torrance City Cable. All of the entries will be posted to the City of Torrance's YouTube channel.

We apologize for the extended delay, but coordinating viewing times for the various judges proved challenging! And so now, without further ado, here are our big winners!

Youth - grades 8 and under
Books Can Take You Anywhere - Reece S.

Teen - grades 9 through 12
Find What You're After - Ryan G.

Adult - age 18 and over
Explore the World with Torrance Public Library - Kimberley G.

Library Centennial Film Contest
Torrance Public Library presents a special video challenge for Library users. Tell why the Torrance Library is important to you for your educational, recreational, business,and cultural needs via a video between 3 and 7 minutes long and get the chance to win an award, have your film featured on Torrance CitiCABLE, and the Torrance Public Library Website. Submissions will be judged by a panel of Torrance citizens; with prizes awarded for Youth, grades 8 and under, Teen - grades 9 through 12, and Adult - age 18 and over. All films chosen as finalists will be shown in a special program at the Torrance Public Library. Submissions are due by July 31, 2013.
Library Centennial Film Contest Rules

for a complete list of rules click here!

. Signed entry form and talent release form must be submitted with all entries. (Parent/Guardian must sign if under 18). All actors appearing in the film must sign and submit   

. Each Contest video entry must not be shorter than 3 minutes and not longer than 7 minutes. Movies must be appropriate for general audience (i.e. nothing in theme, language, nudity, sex,    violence or other matters that, in the view of the review committee, would offend parents whose   younger children view the video. No strong words, no nudity, no sex scenes or drug use should be   present in the motion picture). 

. Movie should seek to increase public awareness about the Torrance Public Library and    showcase the Library's positive impact on the community.  However, any style or genre is    acceptable: narrative (action, Sci-Fi, drama, etc.), PSA-style, documentary, talk show, historical, etc.

. Submit movie on a DVD or flash drive: AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4 formats only-clearly labeled with   name and contact information. Limit one entry per person.. DO NOT send your only copy as entries will NOT be returned. DO NOT leave your movie in a   library book drop!

. Entries must be originalCopyrighted music will not be accepted.  Compose and perform the   music yourself, obtain music with proper release and legal license, or use free, public domain    music, which can be found on the Library's website.

. Entries made with plagiarized or unlicensed copyrighted material will be disqualified.  Public   domain/Creative Commons material must be credited as such at the end of the film.. FOR UNDER 18: adults may act or assist but the majority of the work (directing, writing, filming,   editing, etc.) must be performed by teens/kids.

. City of Torrance employees and family members of City of Torrance employees are not eligible.

. Entry form grants Torrance Public Library perpetual non-exclusive usage rights in any medium,   including, but not limited to television broadcasting, web streaming or promoting.  However    filmmakers retain all rights, title and interest in their films and intellectual property, allowing    them to submit to other festivals as desired.

All entries will be further divided into three (3) categories. 

Those categories are:

Youth - grades 8 and under              Teen -  grades 9 through 12                  Adult -  age 18 and over

Judges will evaluate all eligible video entries for each Contest time period based on the following scoring system (the "Judging Score"): 

Technical Quality (25%)                     Aesthetic Composition (25%)                 Creativity (25%)               Library Spirit (25%)

Cash awards:

Youth       $500             Teen        $500               Adult       $500

Contest Application

Contest application can be found here!

Model/Actor Release Forms

Model/Actor release forms can be found here!

Sample Videos

In an effort to provide some examples of what judges will be looking for, below are several submissions to other Library pojects which demonstrate positive Library messages and creativity.

Video Contest Submission-Allen County Public Library

Lansdowne Public Library Teen Advisory Board

Read: The Motion Picture

Harlem Shake Librarian Edition

Film Resources

In an effort to assist you in the process, the Library has put together the following list of resources:

News & Media Resources:

Creative Commons: Share, remix, reuse -- legally.

The Freesound Project: The Freesound Project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License.

Free Music Project: FREE!MUSIC aims to popularize the idea of free distribution of music for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Paper Tiger: Paper Tiger Television (PTTV) is an open, non-profit, volunteer video collective.