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*Medical Articles *Medical Research & Clinical Trials *Hospitals, HMOs and Nursing Home Comparisons
*Health Organizations *Health Insurance Information *Free or Low Cost Clinics
*Evaluating Health Information *Emergency Preparedness *Drug Information
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A brand new website from the federal government to help consumers deal with
questions about the Affordable Care Act.

General Health, Diseases and Conditions

Comprehensive Health Links - Including Child/Teen, Women's, Men's and Senior Health

Selected Specific Subject Areas - Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Genetic Disorders, Health Effects of Chemicals, Health Statistics, Mental Health, Occupational Health, Substance Abuse

Human Anatomy

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Medical Terminology

Doctors, Dentists and Hospitals

Drug Information - Prescriptions and Nonprescription Medications

Emergency Preparedness

Evaluating Health Information - Hoaxes, Rumors & Quackery

Flu Shots - LA Public Health Annual Influenza Vaccination Campaign

Free or Low-Cost Clinics

Health Insurance Information

Health Organizations - Including Support Groups and Toll-Free Numbers

Hospitals, HMOs (Data, Credentials, Rankings) & Nursing Home Comparisons

Medical Research & Clinical Trials

Medical Articles (Full-Text) - Free Access

Multilingual and Health Literacy Resources

Nursing Resources