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Service Organizations

Find local, regional, and national organizations offering services to people with disabilities

The process of writing a grant to fund the ASSIST program prompted Torrance Public Library staff to produce a formal list of Service Organizations designed to meet the unique needs of patrons with disabilities.

The Torrance Public Library selected these organizations based on a number of reasons. Local organizations offer the ability to provide immediate service or information to patrons. Greater South Bay and Regional organizations offer similar services, but are often located beyond the service area of the Torrance Public Library. State and National service organizations offer very important information and are listed as clearinghouses for information via the telephone, e-mail, and the Internet.

Services for Patrons with Reduced Hearing

Services for Patrons with Learning Disabilities

Services for Patrons with Mental Disabilities

Services for Patrons with Reduced Mobility

Services for Patrons with Reduced Vision

Services for Patrons with Speech Disorders

Please explore the links to Service Organizations, above, for more information.