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Online Catalog instructions

1. Go to the Torrance Public Library home.
2. Click on Online Catalog.
3. Click on the button that says "power search" 
4. Type in the title of the book you would like to find in the box after the word "title," for example king of torts.
5. Scroll down the page until you see the word "location". Using the down arrow, scroll down until you see the phrase "Large Print Collection."
6. Click on "Large Print Collection."
7. Next, scroll up slightly and see the button labeled "search."
8. Press the "search" button.
9. A record for that book will appear after a brief search, if the book is in the Torrance Public Library system.
10. If you do not find the book you like, or would like to perform another search, press the "Back" button at the top of the page and enter a new title or search terms.