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Library Collections supporting the ASSIST program

Discover collections to support the use of the library by patrons with disabilities

Large Print Book Collections:

If you have difficulty reading books with standard size type, you may be interested in our large print book collection. Each library in the Torrance Public Library system has a collection of both fiction and non-fiction large print titles.

Please ask library staff how to locate large print books in our collection or search the Library's online catalog to find the book you need in the large print format. Here are instructions how to find large print books in the online catalog.

Audio books:


The Torrance Public Library maintains a very large collection of spoken-word books, on both cassette tapes and compact disks. Audio books come in abridged, meaning a shortened version, or unabridged format, in which the entire book is read to the listener. These materials are available at all library locations.

Steady Reader audiobooks:

The library now features a collection called "SteadyReader" books from the company Recorded Books.

The books are recorded at a 10 - 15% slower rate than standard audiobooks. The slightly slower speed in our SteadyReaders enables people who find it difficult to keep up with most audiobooks to follow along easily in the print book. They can listen and at the same time see the high level vocabulary and content on the page. Each side of the tape is about 20 minutes long, so the book can be read easily in short, accessible sessions.

Braille Institute resources:

The Torrance Public Library offers collections donated by the Braille Institute including:

  • Spoken-word books on tape and compact disk.
  • Tape decks supplied by the Braille Institute to listen to these tapes.

For more information about the Braille Institute resources available at the Torrance Public Library, please contact the Audiovisual Librarian.

Descriptive Videos:

The library has a collection of descriptive videos for individuals with low vision or the visually impaired.

Descriptive videos feature a narrator describing the setting of a movie and the action of characters. Descriptive videos are often used by library patrons with reduced vision to place movie dialogue into context with scenery, which might be difficult for some patrons to see. Currently, the collection of descriptive videos is only available at the Katy Geissert Civic Center Library.

Instructional videos:

Instructional videos or DVDs describe how to use adaptive technology and/or devices, as well as supply general information on disabilities will be purchased for the library's collections.  Lip reading and sign language videocassettes are available at the Katy Geissert Civic Center Library.


NOTE: Most standard videotapes and DVDs offer closed captioning. Please consult your TV, VCR, and/or DVD manuals to learn how to activate closed captioning.