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Torrance Public Library patrons can now print from their laptops, smartphones, tablets, and computers at the library using the PrinterOn Mobile Printing Solution.

Print jobs can be retrieved at the Katy Geissert Civic Center Library during open hours. Black and white printouts cost .15¢ per page. Black and white printouts cost .15¢ per page. Color printouts cost 50¢ per page.

This printing service supports over 100 file formats, including:

. Microsoft Word
. Microsoft Excel
. Microsoft PowerPoint
. Adobe PDF
. Email

How do I print from the web?

The web-based solution enables users to upload documents to a web printing portal and submit them for printing.

1. Go to
2. Select Black and White or Color print option
3. Enter your email address
4. Upload your document and submit for printing by clicking the green print icon
5. Go to the main Library print station and enter your email address and the total cost is displayed
6. Pay using the coin box at the printer
7. The prints are released

How do I print from a mobile device?

The app-based solution enables users to send documents to a web printing portal and submit them for printing through their smartphones or tablets.
Mobile App Links:
iOS/Apple -
Android/Google -

How do I print an email?

To print an email message or attachment, simply forward your email to
Black and White :
Color :

You will be sent a release code for the email message and each attachment. Use these release codes to retrieve your documents.  Email forwarding is ideal for online email portals such as Yahoo!, Hotmail or Google Mail.
Most online email services require that you log-in to access email. If you provide the URL (web address) of your message, the printing services will be blocked because your email login name and password are not known by the print system.

Print from a PC
As an alternative, you may do a one-time install of PrintWhere, a universal print driver. You can use PrintWhere to print from any Windows application, such as Microsoft Outlook. PrintWhere is free, and can be downloaded from
NOTE: A connection to the Internet is required