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Computers, Science, and Information

Kilo-Mega-Giga - What are All These Computer Terms? 
Remember when you heard that a computer had 486 megabytes of RAM?  And now, computers don't have megabytes, but GIGAbytes?  What do all these measurements mean?  This website gives a quick overview of what some of the common computer terminology means, with regards to units of measurement.

AARP Technology Guide 
Since you're viewing this information on a webpage, we can assume that you know how to use the Internet.  Hone your computer and technology skills using AARP's website!  Besides basic and intermediate lessons on how to get the most from your World Wide Web experience, the AARP website provides technical tips on everything from how to unpack your new computer to managing and editing your digital photos.

Retirement Living 
The online version of the Retirement Living TV channel (which can be seen in 29 million homes nationwide) is loaded with health tips, discussion boards, and an extensive video library that showcases bargain retirement places, interviews with famous boomers, and digital life stories. The weekly RETIRED & WIRED show on RLTV is the 55-year-old's guide to the latest in high-tech tips and tools, such as making money on the Internet.

Boomer 411 
With this news aggregator you can bookmark and share your favorite content, as well as submit content to be voted on by other users. Topics range from jobs and insurance to alternative medicine and real estate. Visit the Boomer411 blog to read interviews and guest columns and comment on them.

Founded by Jeff Taylor, creator of, Eons is an online community where boomers can set up profiles, join groups, share photos and videos, play brain games, and so much more. An interesting feature is the Longevity Calculator, a 10-minute health-based survey to discover how healthy you really are. The BOOMs section of the site displays links to articles, group posts, blogs, photos, and videos rated by Eons members.

The definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.  Before forwarding an e-mail about how the government is going to start charging people for every e-mail they send, go to to find out if the information contained in the startling e-mail is true, or not.

How Stuff Works 
This web article addresses how wireless technology works for your computer, your Bluetooth headset and your cell phone.  It also describes everything you'd want to know about how to set up wireless on your laptop.

Congressional Budget  | Senior Citizens' Resources: Official information and services from the U.S. government is the Government's search engine.  From the home page it creates a menu for senior interests linking to everything from financial, legal, health and travel to education, jobs and volunteerism.

Health, Sports, and Fitness

American Heart Association: Healthy Lifestyle 
Diet, nutrition and exercise recommendations from the American Heart Association.

The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports: The Challenge 
Tools to encourage beginners to advanced athletes to step up their activity.  Links are by age, tools to form groups and earn awards are also included.

Topics: Drugs, Health, Medical Treatments & Devices, Mental Conditions, The Human Body 

Women's The Federal Government Source for Women's Health Information 
Links to FAQ's, departments, articles and tools to promote wellness and assist women in understanding their health issues.

Comprehensive guide to mental health online. Covers information on disorders such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome, substance abuse, and other addictions.  Includes professional resources in psychology, psychiatry and social work, journals, and self-help magazines. Content is "designed and maintained by Clinical Psychologists." was created as a joint venture between the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Food and Drug Administration, the Food Safety and Inspection Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Its purpose is "to provide better service in alerting the American people to unsafe, hazardous, or defective products." The simply designed Web site features six buttons on the following topics: Consumer Products, Motor Vehicles, Boats, Food, Medicine, and Cosmetics and Environmental Products. Each button takes the user to the particular government agency responsible for reporting recalls on that subject area. Users can also search for recalls by keyword or recent recalls. Ultimately, remains the most comprehensive one-stop resource for locating recalls.

Home Improvement

DIY: Home Improvement Information 
One stop site for DIYers.  Short articles that cover your house, yard, and car.

Garden Spot from The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and the Family of Southern California Water Agencies. 
Links to gardens, nurseries, landscaping templates and plant lists to design and maintain a drought resistant garden.


Publishers weekly 

New York Times Book page 

Reading Group Guides 

Reader's Circle 


Find religious, spiritual, and moral information and inspiration from a spectrum of religious and spiritual beliefs. Includes news, discussions, culture, prayer, links to sacred texts, pages for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and many other religions and spiritual beliefs. Offers columns written by a wide variety of scholars, news and blogs, and a glossary of religion terms. "Not affiliated with a particular religion or spiritual movement."

Interfaith Voices 
Interfaith Voices is an independent public radio show providing engaging and informative discussion on the key public issues of our day through the lenses of many different faith perspectives.

Religion Yahoo! Society and Culture: Religion and Spirituality
A directory of websites concerning religion and spirituality. Topics include faiths and practices, angels, cults, demons, holidays, humor, and museums.

Speaking of Faith
Speaking of Faith, from American Public Media, is public radio's national conversation about belief, meaning, ethics, and ideas.


Best Places to Retire: U.S. News & World Report 
U.S. News & World Report's annual survey of retirement locations based on popular criteria. Links to readers' picks and a planning to retire blog as well.

Office: Social Security and Pensions
This collection of documents from the federal budget office provides analysis, projections, and outlook on the U.S. Social Security system and other government pension topics. Features congressional testimony and papers such as "The Retirement Prospects of the Baby Boomers" and "Retirement Age and the Need for Saving." Includes documents back to 1978.

Losing or Leaving Your Job 
Collection of material on the rights of workers when losing or leaving a job and "ways to minimize the worries that can accompany unemployment." Topics include severance pay, date for final paycheck, health insurance continuation, when you are entitled to unemployment compensation, and related matters. From Nolo, a publisher of self-help legal books.

Topics: Communities & Groups, Disabilities, Federal (U.S.) Government, Finance, Investing, Jobs & Work, Seniors 

Wills and Estate Planning
Provides basic guidelines for preparing a simple will, and information on guardianship, life insurance, probate, living trusts, and funeral planning. Also includes a FAQ for executors. From Nolo, a California publisher of legal self-help books.

Transit Links

APTA is the leading force in advancing public transportation. APTA goal is to strengthen and improve public transportation. APTA and its members and staff work to ensure that public transportation is available and accessible for all Americans in communities across the country.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LCMTA) 
Corporate information, current construction projects, contracting opportunities, and fare information and bus/rail schedules for this local transit agency. Includes a trip planner and traffic updates.

Kayak searches 140+ travel sites at once and find the cheapest fares, compares results from all sites together and filters and sorts instantly.

"Farecast, brought to you by Microsoft Live Search, is the smart travel search site that helps you buy with confidence. Since 2006, Farecast allows you to easily compare, filter and sort flight results from hundreds of airline, hotel and agency websites to find the right trip. Farecast's ... technology also empowers you to 'Know When to Buy' with airfare predictions and 'Know Where to Stay' with the hotel Rate Key."


Electronic Embassy 
The site was established as a resource for and about the Washington D.C. foreign embassy community.  Created in 1995, the site provides an overview of the foreign embassies, links to their Web sites, and other information targeted to those who rely on the embassies, as arms of their governments, for travel, business and educational needs.

Foreign Currency cheat sheet 
FXCheatSheet allows travelers to create and print a currency converter table for their next trip. To get a copy of your currency table, select the language, date, currencies you wish to obtain and the rate you believe is most relevant to your needs.


Provides information on international travel, passports, visas for foreign citizens, and international adoption. Includes tips and requirements for traveling and living abroad, travel warnings, fact sheets on individual countries, and more. From the Bureau of Consular Affairs, U.S. Department of State.

Lonely Planet 
Online travel guides from one of the best travel publishers. Find lodging, brief country information, travel stories, blogs, and much more. The annual Bluelist is "Lonely Planet's take on the world's hottest trends, destinations, journeys and experiences," and the Thorn Tree Travel Forum is "the place where the Lonely Planet travel community get together to exchange travel information, advice, hints and tips."

World Travel Guide
Our World City Guide, providing information on over 200 culturally important cities, adds to the portfolio of comprehensive travel information. The World Events Guide features over 4,000 events across five continents in some 80 countries, ranging from small-scale local events to major international festivals. New events are added to the site weekly.

This searchable site provides an online catalog of the organization's worldwide lifelong learning programs for people 55 and older, including campus-based programs, global floating classrooms, intergenerational (grandchildren accompanying the elders) programs, and more.


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