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Standards of Behavior





The Torrance Public Library welcomes everyone to use Library facilities and resources. To better serve members of the public, the Torrance Public Library has established Standards of Behavior so Library patrons and staff have a clean, pleasant and safe environment. We need your cooperation to reach this goal. Behavior becomes unacceptable when it impinges on the rights of others, when it could result in injury to oneself or others, when it disrupts library service, or when it could result in damage to the building or equipment. 

The following behaviors are prohibited in the Library:

·         Noise which is disruptive to others in the Library, including loud talking, loud cell phone conversations, or audible music. Cell phone ringers must be turned off or set to vibrate.

·         Harassing or abusing patrons or staff physically or verbally including the use of profanity.

·         Intoxication resulting from alcohol, drugs, or other substances.

·         Eating or bringing food into the Library, including uncovered beverage containers.

·         Interfering with other patrons' or staff use of the Library facilities.

·         Sitting on the floor or in the aisles or staircases.

·         Sitting on tables or counters or placing feet on furniture.

·         Destroying, defacing, or illegally removing Library materials or personal property of patrons or staff.

·         Selling, gambling, panhandling, sleeping, or soliciting in the Library building. 

·         Adults, who are not related to or supervising children, loitering in areas identified as Youth.

·         Bringing weapons into the Library.

·         Bringing pets, except service animals, into the Library or leaving them unattended on Library grounds.

·         Leaving personal possessions unattended on Library property.

·         Exhibitionism/Flashing/Voyeurism/Peeping



·         All backpacks, bicycles, skateboards, musical instruments, etc. must be placed on or under tables/chairs. If items are too big to fit under tables/chairs, they must be left outside.

·         Please do not leave personal possessions unattended. The Library is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal possessions. Unattended belongings may be picked up and stored by Library staff.

·         Posted closing times are strictly enforced. Public computer service is terminated at ten minutes before posted closing time.

·         All Library visitors are required to be fully clothed, including shirt and shoes, at all times. Bare feet are not permitted. Shoes or sandals are required.

The Library reserves the right to require Library users to leave the Library premises if the Standards of Behavior are violated. If you refuse to leave, or otherwise continue prohibited behavior, Torrance Police will be contacted.  Repeated violations of the Standards of Behavior may result in the limitation or revocation of Library privileges.  In addition, criminal acts may result in arrest and prosecution to the full extent of the law.  No person shall refuse to obey the reasonable requests of an employee of the Torrance Public Library.

Revised 8/20/12                                             Reviewed by the Torrance Library Commission 9/10/12