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2nd Grade Reading List

2nd Grade/3rd Grade Reading List

J Adler, David; Cam Jansen And The Mystery Of The Circus Clown (series)

J Auch, Mary Jane; I Was A Third Grade Science Project

J Blume, Judy; Freckle Juice

J Cameron, Ann; The Stories Julian Tells

J Conford, Ellen; Jenny Archer To The Rescue (series)

E Edwards, Pamela; Livingstone Mouse

J Fleischman, Sid; McBroom And The Beanstalk (series)

E Gerstein, Mordicai; The Wild Baby

E Henkes, Kevin; Lilly's Plastic Purse

J Howe, James; Pinky And Rex And The Bully (series)

J Hurwitz, Johanna; Busybody Nora, Aldo Peanut Butter

J Kline, Suzy; Horrible Harry And The Green Slime (series), Song Lee In Room 2B (series)

E Lester, Helen; Three Cheers For Tacky (series)

E Lewis, Thomas; Hill of Fire

J Park, Barbara; Junie B. Jones And A Little Monkey Business

E Pinkwater, Daniel;I Was A Second Grade Werewolf

E Priceman, Marjorie; How To Make An Apple Pie And See The World

E Scieszka, Jon; The True Story Of The 3 Little Pigs, The Stinky Cheese Man

J Sharmat, Marjorie; The Great Genghis Khan Look-Alike Contest!

E Steptoe, John; Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

EX Anderson, Hans Christian; The Ugly Duckling

EX Brett, Jan; Beauty And The Beast

EX Kellogg, Steven; Pecos Bill or Paul Bunyan

EX Mosel, Arlene; The Funny Little Woman

EX San Souci, Robert; Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella

EX Wahl, Jan; Tailypo!

JB BEN Martin, Jacqueline; Snowflake Bentley

J Schwartz, Alvin 398.25; In A Dark Dark Room And Other Scary Stories