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Seasoned Sushi Rice, Champagne Lobster Roll & Sushi Boxed Seared Tuna
Guest Chef Travis Kamiyama

Shari (Seasoned Sushi Rice)
5 cups of quality Japanese white rice
(Nishiki or Tamanishiki Brand of Rice Recommended)
5 Cups of Filtered Cold Water
1 ¼ Cup Sushi Vinegar
(Marukan or Mitsuka Brand of Vinegar Recommended)
¼ Cup Sugar
2 TBSP Sea Salt
1 small strip of Konbu (kelp)

Seasoned Sushi Vinegar:
Combine vinegar, sugar, salt and kept into a small pot and heat for 2 minutes, do not boil. Mix thoroughly with a whisk. Make this vinegar one day prior to use if possible and keep it covered tightly in a jar or with film.

Wash 5 cups of rice in a strainer at least 3 times with cold water. Add 5 cups of filtered water and let stand for 5-10 minutes

Wet the wooden Hangiri with water to dampen, dry out with clean towel (if a wooden Hangiri is not available then use a large plastic bowl, AVOID using a steel bowl

Once the rice is cooked, take out immediately and place cooked rice into wooden or plastic bowl using a spatula or Shamoji (rice paddle)

Break up the rice 3-4 times thoroughly using a cutting method and fanning or cooling the rice at the same time with the unused hand.  Let it cool for 10 minutes, then flip over and break up the rice.

Place sushi rice into a rice jar or tupperware. Keep covered with damp clean town to maintain moisture and temperature.

Champagne Lobster Roll (8 Pieces)
1 Full Sheet cut in half of Nori Seaweed
3 Oz of Sushi Rice
Half of a Steamed Pacific Lobster
2 Slices of Haas Ripe Avocado
.25 oz of Daikon Sprouts
2 TBSP Champagne
1 TSP Yuzu Citrus (optional)
½ CUP Kewpie Mayo
1.5 TBSP of Tobiko Roe (Fish egg)
.25 oz of Ginger
Wasabi - premade available in tube or powder form available at market

Boil water in large pot, steam lobster for 5 minutes. Shock in ice water, then de-shell as neatly as possible.

Pat dry with papertowel and cut into log even strips.
In a small bowl, take the kewpie mayo, champagne, tobiko roe and mix thoroughly and place into a squeeze bottle. Place 3 oz of sushi onto nori seaweed, flip over, place slices of avocado, sliced lobster and daikon sprouts with both sides with sprouts facing down.

Carefully roll and tuck all ingredients (this is the most critical part) Ensure all ingredients are tucked tightly in, where closing is centered facing down.

Take wrapped bamboo makisu and press firmly forming a square shape. Place second nori seaweed on top. Cut into 8 even pieces and garnish artfully on a plate.

Decorate plate with sauce, place ginger and wasabi on plate.

Boxed Seared Tuna (8 Pieces)
½ Sheet of Soy Paper
3 Oz Sushi Rice
4 Oz Seared Ahi Tuna
Pinch of black pepper
1 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 Oz Sashimi Grade Yellowtail
.25 Oz Sriracha Chili Sauce
.25 Oz Chili Oil
½ Each of Chopped Serrano Pepper
.25 Oz Scallions Finely Chopped
1 TSP Ponzu
.5 Oz Ginger
.5 Oz Wasabi

Take fresh ahi tuna, season with black pepper, rub with extra virgin olive oil, and sear lightly in sauté pan, shock in ice for 30 seconds. Dry ahi tuna with paper towel and slice into thin square pieces suitable for box template.

Take 4-6 oz of yellowtail, chop finely, mix with sriracha chili, chili oil, and diced Serrano pepper and place in a bowl. Take 1.5 oz of sushi rice and lay inside the boxed sushi. Press semi-hard and place 3 oz of spicy yellowtail evenly on top of rice. Take another 1.5 oz of sushi rice and press with lid. Put 6 slices of pre cut tuna on top horizontally, till it evenly covers the top. Squeeze and press hard and press through to detach the boxed and formed sushi.

Place film on top of boxed sushi, cutting them into 8 even pieces. Garnish with scallions and ponzu citrus. Place a small amount of wasabi and ginger.