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Breakfast Made Easy: French Toast, Omelet & Eggs
Guest Chef Scott Aaronson

French Toast

. 3 Eggs
. 1/8 Cup Half and Half/Milk
. 1 TBSP Vanilla Extract
. 3-4 Dashes Cinnamon
. 1 TBSP Sugar
. 4 Slices Texas Toast Bread (Preferred) You can use Challah, Sourdough, White Bread, Wheat (cooks faster)

Mix all ingredients with a fork or whisk until thoroughly mixed. Take bread and fully dredge into egg mixture until bread soaks up mixture and repeat  on each side. Pre-Heat a sauté pan on a medium high flame and pan fry in butter for roughly two-three minutes on each side until browned. Serve with Fresh blueberries, strawberries, bananas, mangos or your favorite maple syrup.

Fruit Topping

Heat sauté pan to high heat, place a serving of preferred fruit, like sliced strawberries and bananas in the pan and a 1/8 cup of 100% juice like O.J or Blueberry Juice or Prune Juice, 1 TBSP of Sugar, 1 tspn of Vanilla extract, 1 TBSP of Cornstarch mixed to directions. Sauté in a pan on high heat and cook down the fruit while stirring occasionally for about 3-5 minutes. Lower flame to LOW HEAT and take Cornstarch liquid mixture and add it to the pan slowly while stirring until the thickness is to the desired consistency. I like it to be saucy, so don't over pour. Try and get to the consistency of maple syrup.

Cheese Omelet

2 or 3 Eggs
1/8 cup Milk or Half and Half

Heat Sauté pan on high heat and melt 1 TBSP butter in pan. Cover the whole pan and side with butter. Pour egg mixture into pan and as it cooks, gently lift up the sides of the egg with a heat resistant spatula and gently tip the pan to the side pouring the uncooked egg mixture underneath the cooked egg. Repeat until most of egg mixture is cooked on the one side.
Take a half of a TBSP of butter and butter the sides of the pan so it can be flipped. FLIP THE OMELET OVER to the other side with a loose wrist. Take your cheese and place on top of the omelet and lower the heat to LOW HEAT and cover the pan and cook for an additional minute or two.
Tip the pan and catch the bottom of the egg with your spatula and guide it to the plate while folding the omelet with the edge of the pan on to the plate.


When using other ingredients like spinach, green peppers, onions and mushrooms for example, you want to add these vegetable to the pan first and sauté until cooked, you'll need to re-butter the pan after this is done before adding the egg mixture. Then, follow the steps above to the letter.