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 | 2009 TCtv Awards

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Torrance producers received coveted prizes at the 18th Annual Torrance Community Television (TCtv) Awards held Friday, January 22nd in the Torrance Cultural Arts Center's Toyota Meeting Hall.  The awards ceremony, themed "A New Groove Emerging," recognized the efforts of TCtv producers for excellence in programming, creating original video that was cablecast on Torrance Channel 28 (Time Warner and Verizon FiOS Cable System) throughout the year 2009.

In addition to the programming category winners listed below, a special award - the Producer of the Year Award - that honors the producer who "best utilized the TCtv facilities" went to Jerry Cohen

After being judged by an independent panel of professionals in the television business, the 18th Annual TCtv Award Winners are:






 W. Alex Mackey, III

 The Music Videos of Oh, Rio! Productions


 Jerry Cohen

 Not Your Average Joe Show


  Betty and Jarel Wheaton

  Peninsula Seniors Out & About:  NASA Dryden Flight Research Center


  Kanthie Arseculeratne

 Kanthie's Show - Naomi's Dance's


 W. Alex Mackey, III

Nothing Hurts Like Love


 Betty and Jarel Wheaton

 Peninsula Seniors Out & About:  Palos Verdes Concours d Elegance 2008


The Torrance Community Television Awards, better known as "The Stanleys" were developed to encourage quality community programming, and to publicly recognize the tireless efforts and positive contributions of Torrance producers and volunteers.  To that end, this year's 18th Annual Torrance Community Television Video Awards presentation is designed to showcase the achievements of our many talented TCtv Producers & Users who have helped to create this important body of electronic consciousness in 2009.  The Awards are both a celebration of work well done and a reinforcement of positive community participation in each category.

The Stanley Awards were named in honor of the late Stanley E. Remelmeyer, Torrance's former City Attorney who was instrumental in the development of cable television in the City.  Through the awards ceremony, the City encourages quality programming by the community and introduces the public to the purpose and benefits of public access television.  The City of Torrance has provided public access to its residence since 1987.

At 18 years old, the Awards show is aging to perfection with some of the highest quality shows yet.  On behalf of the Mayor and City Council, the Cable Television Advisory Board, and staff, congratulations to all of the competitors for 2009 Stanleys!


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