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August 20 - August 27, 2009
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The City Mourns Passing of Police Officer Steve Kroesen.
City Council Update:  Deon Thompson, Loan For Torrance Auto Center Approved, City Will Oppose Two Post Office Closures.*
Camp Summer Fest Comes To Downtown Torrance.*
The Pediatric Therapy Network Hosts Champions At Camp Escapades.* (Tracee Tolentino reports)
Cash For Clunkers Program Not Always A Smooth Ride.*
CA Standardized Test Scores Increase.
How Torrance Is Avoiding High Foreclosure Rates.* (Jonathan Tamayo reports)
Two Department Stores Help Consumers Save.* (Renee Calder reports)
Members of the Green Team Reflect On Their Summer Jobs.* (Renee Calder reports)
The Southern California Live Steamers Celebrate A Milestone.* (Tracee Tolentino reports)
Residents Try Make Sense of The Health Care Debate.* (Chenine Cayetano reports)
A Device To Stop Snoring Helps Patients In A Medical Emergency.* (Tracee Tolentino reports)