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The Torrance Community Television Awards, better known as "The Stanley's" were developed to encourage quality community programming, and to publicly recognize the tireless efforts and positive contributions of Torrance producers and volunteers.  The Stanleys were named in honor of the late Stanley E. Remelmeyer, Torrance's former City Attorney who was instrumental in the development of cable television in the City.  The Awards recognize the efforts of TCtv producers for excellence in programming, creating original video that was cablecast on Torrance Channel 28 (Time Warner and Verizon FiOS Cable System).  Through the Awards, the City introduces the public to the purpose and benefits of public access television, which it has provided since 1987.



Six Torrance producers received coveted prizes at the 20th Annual Torrance Community Television (TCtv) Awards held Friday, January 20th in the Torrance Cultural Arts Center's Toyota Meeting Hall. The awards ceremony, themed "Follow the Yellow Brick Road to TCtv" recognized the efforts of TCtv producers for excellence in television programming, creating original video that was cablecast on Torrance Channel (Time Warner 28 and Verizon FiOS 36 cable systems) throughout the year 2011. read more (PDF)>>


The Torrance Community Television Video Awards ("Stanley's) were established to recognize outstanding programs produced by TCtv Producers and recognize volunteer efforts in Torrance Community Television Productions.

1. Only TCtv Users/Producers are eligible.  (Members of the Torrance Public Access Foundation, the Cable Television Advisory Board and the Torrance Office of Cable Communications staff are NOT eligible.)
2. Majority of programs must have been produced using TCtv Foundation equipment, facilities or produced by a certified TCtv producer.  Excluding bicycled category.

Judges selected one "Stanley Award" winner for each category in 2011.  One trophy and one product prize given per winning entry.

BICYCLED SHOW - A program produced that did not utilize TCtv Foundation equipment and not produced by a Certified TCtv Producer.
COMEDY - A program designed to amuse an audience.
DOCUMENTARY - An in-depth study of a particular event, location, public issues, or profile of an individual.
ENTERTAINMENT - A program designed to entertain an audience.
MUSIC - The creative use of music and video images and/or music concerts, plays, or dance performances recorded at a local performance venue or in a television studio.
TALK SHOW  - A program designed using traditional talk show format to amuse or entertain.

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