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Show 08.07
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This is probably the easiest dish you will ever make next to a PB & J.
Halve one ripe papaya lengthwise and remove seeds.
Cut little tiny slice off the "bottom" so it will sit flat.
Fill with good quality bay shrimp. (About 1/4  - 1/3  lb per person depending on size of papaya and whether it is an appetizer or main dish).
Top with bottled Russian dressing - amount to your discretion.  You can always pass more around if needed.
Crush and sprinkle dried mint on top.
Serve with a wedge of lime to be added if wanted.
This makes a nice appetizer or luncheon dish.

Substitute Russian dressing with Raspberry vinaigrette.
Substitute Russian dressing with Chinese Chicken Salad dressing (recipe was on my last show) and add chopped candied ginger.

Francine Dominique
Community Cook