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4 any size eggs (cracked in a bowl)
1 med onion (diced)
1 med tomato (diced w seeds and skin)
Few sprigs of cilantro (fresh preferable)
1 jalapeno pepper (optional)
½ t of freshly ground ginger root
1bay leaf
½ t cumin seeds
1t coriander powder
½ t dry mango powder
3 T of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (any oil will do)
Sea salt to taste

In a medium fry pan, sauté cumin seeds in the oil on high fire.  While just sizzling, add in the bay leaf for 20 secs.  Add onions and everything else except the cilantro.  Stir everything on high fire for a min.  Simmer for 5 to 10 mins.  Once the onions and everything is integrated and softened well.  Pour the eggs on top of the mixture and cilantro.  Cover the pan and simmer on low until eggs set.  Do not overcook, tough yolks are not enjoyable.  Serve with any kind of rice or chapattis, naan, etc.  Enjoy!

Maya Thomas
Community Cook