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6 Thin slices of Tuna Sashimi
Pinch Black Pepper
1 tsp Virgin Olive Oil
1 tsp Wasabi Sauce
Pinch Masago - Flying Fish Egg - Cappellin Roe
6 Fried Garlic Slices
6 Stem of Radish sprouts
.5 oz Scallions (green onion)

Thinly cut the 6 slices of Tuna sashimi and place neatly on white long plate. Sprinkle the black pepper lightly, finely spread the virgin oil on to the tuna, followed by the wasabi sauce. Lightly sprinkle the masago on to each fish, followed by the Radish Sprouts and scallions. Finish off with a fried garlic chip on each fish. Serve immediately for 2.

Travis Kamiyama
Community Cook