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Indian Cauliflower Curry & Chappatis
Show # 06.06
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Cauliflower curry:  (curry just means any dish made with spices)

1 small cauliflower (cut into small flowerets)
2 small tomatoes (diced with seeds and all)
½ t of cumin seeds
1/8 t of turmeric powder
½ t of salt
½ t of coriander powder
¼ t of mango powder (optional)
1 fresh green chili (optional)
Couple of dry red chilies (optional)
½ t of fresh ground ginger
2 T of fresh cilantro
4 T of olive oil

Add oil in a small wok or a wide pot (stainless steel or nonstick) on high heat.  When the oil is barely heated not hot, add the cumin seeds, when they are very hot and bubbly not brown, add the red dry chilies, add in the cauliflower, turmeric, salt, coriander, mango, and ginger.  Sauté on Med/Hi fire for a couple of mins.  Add in the tomatoes and cilantro, mix and let it simmer covered on low fire until tender to your likeness, stirring it regularly.  Serve with rice, chapattis, or with your favorite dish.  Enjoy!


2 cups of chappati flour
1cup of water (use as needed)
Pinch of salt (optional)

Mix flour and salt together, make a well in the flour and add in a little bit of water to knead it into dough.  Keep going until you get a pizza dough consistency (medium consistency).  Let it sit covered for ½ hr to a 1 hr.  Place a griddle on high fire for 5 mins and then bring it to Med/Hi.   Have ¼ cup flour in a plate, a rolling pin and a clean counter or a board to roll the dough.  Take a golf size ball of the dough; knead it in the palm of your hand into a smooth ball.  Dip it in the flour and start rolling, concentrating more on the sides then center to make it even all around.  Dip in the flour as needed so it does not stick to the pin or the rolling surface.  Bring it to an almost round shape, medium thickness all around.  Pick it up and put it on the griddle.  The pan should be hot but not scorching so adjust fire accordingly.  The first flip is almost immediately, the second flip after about 30 seconds or so, and then the third flip in yet another 30 secs or so, making sure it is not scorching.  Then the final flip if needed.  No more flips, it makes them too tough to eat.  Bring it to the plate and now it is optional to rub some olive oil, or butter or the authentic way, to brush it with Ghee (clarified butter).  Eat with your favorite foods.  Enjoy!

Maya Thomas
Community Cook