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Public Safety/Emergency Management & Operations

. Legislation to provide funding for crime prevention/intervention and enforcement.
. Initiatives to increase funding for multi-agency collaborative justice programs.
. Initiatives to enact and strengthen laws imposing mandatory sentences for the use of a firearm in the commission of any federal state or local crime.
. Policies urging greater role for municipal elected officials in federal and state decision-making regarding the local use and expenditure of federal and state anti-crime and violence funds.  Allowing flexibility to redirect financial resources from drug interdiction activities to prevention and treatment.
. Legislation that enhances/maintain local control over issues pertaining to public safety personnel management and resolution of issues pertaining to scope of representation.
. Policies that allow flexibility in the use of grant funded programs.
. Legislation, which would establish mitigation efforts to reduce damage and loss, caused by catastrophic natural disasters and terrorists acts.
. Measures which would adopt strict standards for the enforcement and transport of hazardous materials.
. Initiatives which would resolve any technical and practical barriers to communication.
. Policies providing technical assistance and regional training devoted to disaster preparedness and response.
. Legislation providing local governments and their first responders with funding, resources, and capacity to address and respond to nuclear, biological and chemical incidents.
. Protection of funding and advocating for additional funding for local agencies to recoup the costs of crime and increase community safety.
. Policies to establish statewide standards for implementation and governance of 311 program (non-emergency reporting and general government services) and 211 programs (community information and referral services).

. Legislation which has the unintended consequence of expanding civil liability for agencies/officers.
. Measures resulting in unfunded mandates.
. Legislation, regulations and standards which impose minimum staffing and response time standards for city fire and EMS services.