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Housing, Community and Economic Development


. Proposal which would stimulate the local economy by accelerating or increasing spending on public works and infrastructure projects, especially those which would improve public health, public safety, mitigate hazards, reduce energy usage, or improve transportation.
. Measure that promote economic incentives as a means to attracting or retaining business.
. Expansion of enterprise zones to assist city economic development.
. Policies providing local discretion in the assessment, collection and usage of development fees. 
. Flexibility in the use of redevelopment authority as a tool for cities that encourages economic development.
. Legislation that provides tangible and productive tools and incentives to support job creation and retention
. Measures maintaining ability of the cities to condition and deny projects that the cities determine inadequately mitigate impacts to the community.
. Workforce Investment Act continued funding.
. Policies, which give local government, the decision-making authority and the primary public sector responsibility to shape regional economic development.
. Legislation to enhance workforce development for high technology industries.

. Proposals to shift property tax increment for existing redevelopment projects.
. Measures that eliminate any development fee or tax including excise taxes.
. Measures that limit authority or increase the liability of redevelopment agencies.
. Policies limiting the ability of cities to levy fees to provide for infrastructure or services.
. Land use mandates and controls by the state and federal governments.
. Policies, which would preempt local authority and it's land use, zoning and rights-of-way decision-making authority.
. Policies of any federal, state, county or any other non-municipal government unilaterally making local land use decisions.