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Transportation Infrastructure and Transit

. Appropriation of new monies directly to cities and counties for the preservation, maintenance and rehabilitation of the local street and road system.
. Programs for bicycle and pedestrian access with maximum local government flexibility in prioritizing the transportation need.
. Protection of the Transportation Congestion Relief Program funds.
. Equity in policy for treatment of all transportation modes.
. Ability to "flex funds" - use federal transportation funding as deemed necessary by state and local officials.
. Investment and maintenance of the existing transportation systems of streets, highways, airports, rail transit, paratransit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities and waters.
. Policies that encourage environmental sustainability, promote the preservation and protection of natural and urban resources, enhance aesthetics, and protect the environment through sound design practices that further multimodalism.
. Additional funding for local transportation and transit needs.

. Policies that would divert or reduce transportation revenues or reduce program allocation formulas.
. Transportation policies that either increase or fail to reduce pollution including air, water, noise and pollution of the visual environments.
. Restrict participation of local government to participate in the state or county transportation planning.