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Finance Administration, Revenue Sources, Taxation Reform and Revenue Needs

. Revenue reform allowing each level of government to adequately finance its service responsibilities, with each being accountable to taxpayers for its own programs.
. Secure fiscal independence and a sound intergovernmental financial structure.
. Ensure the integrity of existing city revenue sources including the city share and situs allocation, of property tax, sales tax, vehicle license fees, etc.
. Preserve local authority to regulate and manage public-rights-of-way to zone and to collect just and fair compensation.
. Reform the state-mandated programs approval and reimbursement process to ensure prompt reimbursement to local government.

. Deferral of reimbursements for State-Mandated programs.
. Preemption of municipal regulatory authority for franchising, zoning and local land use decisions. 
. Fiscal policies, which would diminish the ability of local government to respond to local economic, needs and erode revenues.