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The Section 8 Program is a federally funded rental assistance program for very low income families.  The City of Torrance currently assists approximately 650 families.  Preference is given to Torrance residents who are elderly (62+), disabled or a family (two or more members in the household).  Our program is entirely tenant based, which means the individual family locates a unit and the owner agrees to work with the program.  There are no "Section 8 buildings" in Torrance, only individual units receiving a rental subsidy. 

The goal of the program is for the family to pay 30% of its income towards rent and the Housing Office to make up the difference, although in some cases the family does pay more.

The City of Torrance currently has a Waiting List with over 4500 names on it, 1000 of which are Torrance residents.  Because of recent cutbacks in the program, we have not been able to call any names from the list during the past year. 

The City seeks greater funding to the Section 8 program to allow more needy residents to seek affordable housing.