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Q:  Where can I find listings for the City of Torrance Police and Fire radio frequencies?
A:  Regional or state-wide radio frequency listings are commonly available at radio or electronic supply stores.  Some frequency listings can be found using an Internet search tool.

Q:  Where do I file a complaint about radio frequency interference on my television?
A:  Complaints about radio interference are generally handled by the FCC's local office.  Search the FCC web site ( for an office near you.  Additionally, you may contact your local cable television company for further guidance (i.e. cable TV subscribers).

Q:  How do stop my City of Torrance "Emergency Warning System" receiver from beeping and flashing?
A:  To reset the receiver, disconnect the cable from the back of the receiver for at least 30 seconds.  Reconnect the cable to complete the reset.  If the problem persists, report the problem to the service contact provided on the receiver.  To learn more about EWS receivers contact the Torrance Fire Department.