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Businesses and Apartments in Torrance


For multi-family homes and businesses without City services, private haulers providing collection services in the City are required to offer recycling services.  In addition, the State passed a mandate for commercial recycling that affects most businesses and multi-family complexes.

For more information on the commercial recycling mandate. click here.



If you need to etablish recycling services at your home or place of business, here are a few suggestions*:

  • Contact your current refuse hauler: most can provide recycling services at an additional cost.
  • "Shop around" for service options and/or prices with another licensed hauler: If your current refuse hauler cannot provide recycling services, Torrance is an "open" city for refuse services - they just need to have a business license. Here is the list of the refuse haulers currently operating in the City for your convenience.

    Haulers' List (Commercial Solid Waste Haulers Business License List*)

Other options:
  • Contact a business specializing in recycling collections: There are some specialized businesses that just provide recycling services (not refuse collection). Some companies only have drop-off capabilities, others can offer on-site collection. See the list below, or try the phone book:
Full Circle Recycling 310-630-0000 or click here for their website.
  • If you have specialized materials for recycling: Please call the City of Torrance Public Works Department for more suggestions at 310-781-6900. To exchange materials for reuse, contact one of these free, online material exchanges:
    California Materials Exchange (CALMAX), a Statewide listing by clicking here
    Los Angeles County Material Exchange (LACoMAX) by clicking here
    Click here to go to Freecycle, a worldwide materials exchange with a Torrance chapter.

  • Potential Industries Recycling Center:  922 East "E" Street, Wilmington, 90744, 310-549-5901.  This recycling center has a drop-off area for recycling available Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to noon and will accept all the materials that the City of Torrance takes in the City's curbside recycling program.  Click here for details of those materials and other information.  Please note they will take "donations" only as they will not pay for drop-off recycling items.  They will take materials from both residents and businesses.  

  • Drop-off centers: For those willing to transport their own materials, there may be nearby facilities that will take a variety of recyclable materials.  Try these search engines for drop-off suggestions: or 

  • Transfer StationsClick here for a listing of transfer stations open to the public.  Please call ahead for prices, accepted materials, recycling options or other requirements. 

  • Businesses can click here for "Get Green" environmental resources.

* all information subject to change
references to specific businesses are not an endorsement by the City