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 | Yard Waste Reduction (Composting)

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Yard Waste Reduction




Yard waste, and food waste (organics) amount to almost 50% of the trash Torrance residents dispose of each year. Most of these materials

could be turned into a valuable soil amendment or mulch by composting in your own backyard.

Torrance has a permanent composting and water-wise gardening demonstration site at Columbia Park. It is always open for viewing, and periodic free workshops are offered for more detailed information. It is operated in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

Come and learn about ways to reduce and recycle your yard waste by:

Composting: The natural way to mulch and replenish the soil using yard waste and kitchen scraps

Grasscycling: Leave your clippings on the lawn and add water and nitrogen to your soil.

Worm Composting: Make great compost using your kitchen scraps.

Water-wise gardening: Reduce water use and yard trimmings by planting drought-tolerant and low maintenance plants.



Columbia Park
4045 - 190th Street
at the Northwest corner of 190th Street and Prairie Ave.

Beginning workshops are for those interested in learning about backyard composting, worm composting, grass recycling, water-wise gardening, and fire-wise gardening.

Advanced workshops are for those interested in learning about organic gardening, good soil, environmentally responsible ways to control pests, conserving water in the garden, and using native and drought-tolerant plants.

Workshops are on Saturdays starting promptly at 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Click here to go to the schedule of all composting workshops sponsored by L.A. County.



Composting and worm bins will be available for sale by the County following the workshops. Bins sold at select County workshops are available to all L.A. County residents.  Click here for pricing.

Torrance residents can also purchase:

 Worm composting bin for $50

Soil Saver Composting Bin for $40. 

Mini Tumbler composting bin for $70

          All are made from recycled plastic and come with instructions.


The Worm bin and Soil Saver Composting Bin are available at the Manager's Booth of the Torrance Farmer's Market.  For market location and times, click here (Torrance Farmer's Market).  You must be a Torrance resident to purchase these bins from the Torrance Farmer's Market.

All three are available through the Public Works Department.  Please call ahead at 310-781-6900 to make an appointment. You must be a Torrance resident to purchase these bins from the Torrance Public Works Department. 

Check or cash only, no credit cards accepted. 

For instructions, suppliers and other composting information try the
Los Angeles County Smart Gardening site or CalRecycle


Need Mulch?
You can get it free (just bring your own shovel and bucket)
Load up your own containers and take as much as you need.

Lago Seco Park
3920 - 235th Street
South of Community Gardens near parking lot 
Open during park hours, but material availability varies.
Bark chips from City trees.

S.A.F.E. Collection Center
1400 North Gaffey Street
San Pedro

Open 7 days a week for mulch pickup, 9 am to 5 pm
This location also houses a hazardous waste and electronics recycling center with different operating hours. Call 800-988-6942.