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The mission of the Noise Abatement office is to reduce aircraft noise and improve the Airport's compatibility with the surrounding community, through a reasonable approach of balancing Airport requirements with the Community's needs in order to ensure a livable environment.

The Noise Abatement office provides enforcement of Torrance Municipal codes regarding noise during take-off and landing, codes regarding curfew and other aircraft training operations.  The initial goal of the Noise Abatement program is voluntary compliance with the use of Notice of Violation letters and Noise Tests conducted by the pilots and Noise Abatement staff.  If voluntary compliance does not happen, enforcement, which could include hearing boards and ultimately the possibility of a pilot and/or aircraft being denied airport usage, would be used.

If you would like to file a complaint regarding aircraft noise, please call (310) 784-7950.  You will need to provide the date and time of the possible violation, a description of the incident (noise, prohibited training, etc.) a specific description of the aircraft if possible and a location (address or cross streets) where you are calling from.  Our staff will generally respond by investigating the incident to determine if there is a violation.  If there is a violation, notice will be given to the pilot/owner, and we will explain what needs to be done to correct the violation.  Our goal is to gain compliance by working with the pilot/owners; however, some cases may require enforcement through the use of the hearing board.

The Noise Abatement program continues to evolve and adjust through the input and actions of staff, the Airport Commission, the residential and airport communities and City Council. 

Zamperini Field Torrance Municipal Airport
Noise Abatement Center, 3301 Airport Drive, Torrance, CA  90505

Aircraft Noise Monitored - 24 Hours a Day


0700 - 2200 Hours / 7:00AM - 10:00PM, Monday - Friday       82 dB(A) Maximum Sound Level
0800 - 2200 Hours Saturday, Sunda & Holidays                     88 dB(A) SENEL (SEL)

(No departures without authorization)

2200 - 0700 Hours Monday - Friday                                        76 dB(A) Maximum Sound Level
2200 - 0800 Hours Saturday, Sunday & Holidays                   82 dB(A) SENEL (SEL)

- Touch and go, stop and go, taxi-back and low approaches permitted:

   * 0800 - 2200 Hours Monday - Friday (Taxi-backs until 2200)
   * 1000 - 1700 Hours Saturday
   * No helicopter training allowed in south pattern.
   * When taking off to the west, no left tun allowed prior to shore or 1,500' altitude.

TESTING - Aircraft noise tests must be pre-arranged with the Noise Abatement Center.


TELEPHONE   (310) 784-7950         1300 to 1700 Hours / 1:00-5:00PM Daily
                                                               (After-hours answering machine)

RADIO FREQUENCY  122.9 MHz  1300 to 1700 Hours / 1:00-5:00PM
                                                              (Recorded 24 hours daily)

Information provied as to flight routes on departure or arrival is merely recommended but that choice, including the choice not to fly, is strictly up to the pilot.

Torrance's noise ordinance makes not distinction betwee IFR and VFR. You are advised that if your aircraft is likely to violate the City's noise standards while departing IFR, you will have to await better weather conditions and depart VFR.