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Classroom Education

Classroom Education

Torrance staff provides ongoing education and promotion of recycling and related waste reduction opportunities

Each year, Torrance staff visits our schools and presents a variety of programs:

  • Curbside recycling for 1st grades
  • Worm composting for 2nd grades
  • Household hazardous waste for 4th grades

We also provide used oil recycling materials to high schools and SCROC auto classes, and work with our Water and Engineering Departments to bring the "Living Wise" program to the 6th graders, combining waste reduction with energy and water conservation lessons.  Thousands of students have participated in these worthwhile programs.

In addition, Torrance staff provides speakers to Homeowners Associations, Scout Troops and other local groups on waste reduction and recycling.  Staff provides educational materials such as brochures, literature and promotional items at local events and related presentations.


For additional educational information and options, please try the following:

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