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City of Torrance Containers


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The grey or blue bins are for recycling of plastics, glass, paper and metal. Blue bins are now available in 96-gallon size.  Switch to the new blue by clicking here!


Newspaper, Cardboard and Mixed Paper
Catalogues, magazines with staples, glossy paper, junk mail, computer paper, juice boxes, cardboard tube chip containers, hard and soft covered books, clean fast food wrappers, burger boxes, french fry boxes, pizza and bakery boxes, clean paper plates and cups, and corrugated cardboard as well as thinner cardboard like cereal and cracker boxes are included.  Shredded paper must be placed in paper or recyclable plastic bags, then the bags must be stapled or taped closed and recyclable plastic bags must be tied closed. 

Aluminum, Tin and Metal Cans
Cans from drinks, soup, pet food and vegetables, empty aerosol cans, clean aluminum foil and trays, wire hangers, and dry, empty paint cans. 

Plastic Containers
Plastic bottles, bags or containers with a number 1 through 7 in the recycling triangle of arrows. Examples include soda bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, butter tubs, and styrofoam pieces, cup size or larger. 

Glass Bottles and Jars
Glass bottles and jars of any color can be recycled. 


Liquids, napkins, tissue paper and anything soiled with food.  Photographs, blueprint carbon or NCR paper, small styrofoam pices (called popcorn or peanuts), or any bottle, bag or container without a number in the triangle.  Glass dishes, light bulbs, mirrors, ceramic cups, drinking glasses, plates, porcelain or window glass, pots or pans, propane or helium tanks, or scrap metal from plumbing or construction materials.

Other curbside recycling tips:

Please rinse out containers, but be sure all liquids are drained from containers before placing in recycling bins.

Labels can be left on the containers. Lids can be recycled in the bin, but please take them off the containers.   Flatten cardboard boxes and cut them to fit into the recycling container.


This container is only for the recycling of green waste or yard trimmings.


Wood Chips
Tree Branches
Garden Trimmings
Green Plants/Weeds


Plastic bags   - Do not place green waste in plastic bags - put it directly in the container. 
Metal or nails
Branches bigger than 4" (inches) in diameter or 4' (feet) in length
Large ice plant clusters and palm fronds/branches
Hot ashes, coals or any other hazardous materials
Food waste or any kind, animal waste or any other refuse
Lumber or construction material of any kind
Flocked trees

Material cannot protrude from the top of the containers more than 2 or 3 feet.  Please wash interior of container with water periodically. 

Recycle your Christmas trees any time in your green waste container. Cut up your green Christmas tree to meet green waste collection requirements.


The black bin is for refuse.


General household trash, food waste, soiled food wrappers, plastics without # 1 to 7, incandescent light bulbs, palm fronds or large ice plant clusters.


Dirt, rock, sod, concrete, construction debris, hot ashes, liquids, electronics, hazardous wastes such as oil, gas, paint or batteries

For non-hazardous liquids such as cooking or vegetable oil, solidify the liquid by mixing it with an absorbent like kitty litter, Plaster of Paris, sawdust, or even newspapers.  Once the liquid is in "solid" form, it can go in the regular trash.  Do not pour down drains or sinks as this will damage pipes

If you need additional capacity, leave the lid open and place a securely closed additional 30-gallon trash bag on top of your other waste.


. Per City Ordinance, recycling and refuse containers must be taken to the curb or collection area no sooner than 12 hours prior to collection, and then removed from the curb or collection area no later than 12 hours after collection.
. Place containers when full at curb for collection by 7 am the morning of collection day
. Place containers so that lid openings face the street
. Place materials in the containers; materials on the ground will not be collected
. Leave about 18" of space between the containers
. Place containers at least 3' away for any obstruction such as a car, lamp post or fence
. Weight of the container and its contents cannot exceed 200 pounds

Leave your grass clippings on the lawn - it's a good source of nitrogen and acts as a fertilizer.  You can also recycle your green waste and food waste at home to create your own compost.  Go to to learn more.

Some residents with alley collection will use the shared 300 gallon refuse container for refuse.  Please remove the gray and green bins from the alley and store in your own yard until the next collection day.

Click here for information on container sizes, use, and rates.

Click here to change container size or color and request additional containers or replacement containers.

Click here for free, safe recycling of electronics and hazardous waste.

Click here for recycling of construction materials.

Click here for recycling other materials not accepted in the gray bin.

Click here for CRV redemption recycling locations.

Click here for composting information.

Click here for waste reduction information.


Saves natural resources
Reduces air and water pollution
Uses less energy
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change
Enables sustainability
Creates jobs
.so why not recycle?  Hey, it's a good thing!