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Curbside Recycling Program

All single family homes of one to two units receive the City's wastes services, including the curbside recycling program. This service is also provided to homes of three to four units that have city services.

The following items can be placed in the recycling bin:

Newspaper, Cardboard and Mixed Paper
Catalogues, magazines with staples, glossy paper, junk mail, computer paper, juice boxes, cardboard tube chip containers, hard and soft covered books, clean fast food wrappers, burger boxes, french fry boxes, pizza and bakery boxes, clean paper plates and cups, and corrugated cardboard as well as thinner cardboard like cereal and cracker boxes are included.  Shredded paper can now be included but must be placed in paper or recyclable plastic bags. Paper bags must be stapled closed and recyclable plastic bags must be tied closed.  Do not include napkins, tissue paper and anything soiled with food.

Aluminum, Tin and Metal Cans
Cans from drinks, soup, pet food and vegetables as well as empty aerosol cans are included. Clean aluminum foil and trays and wire hangers can also be recycled. Do not include scrap metals from plumbing or construction materials.

Plastic Containers
Only plastic bottles, bags or containers with a number 1 through 7 on the bottom can be recycled. Examples include soda bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles and butter tubs. Large styrofoam pieces can be included too. Do not include small styrofoam pieces (called popcorn or peanuts), or any bottle, bag or container without a number in the triangle.

Glass Bottles and Jars
Glass bottles and jars of any color can be recycled. Do not include glass dishes, light bulbs or window glass.

Other curbside recycling tips:

Please rinse out containers, but be sure all liquids are drained from containers before placing in recycling bins.

Labels can be left on the containers. Lids can be recycled in the bin, but please take them off the containers.   Flatten cardboard boxes and cut them to fit into the recycling container.   Per City Ordinance, recycling (and refuse) containers must be taken to the curb or collection area no sooner than 12 hours prior to collection, and then removed from the curb or collection area no later than 12 hours after collection.   Place the recycling container at least 3 feet away from your refuse container. 

Recycling Works!
Recycling saves natural resources, reduces pollution and creates jobs. If you are not already recycling, start today! To find out more, call the Public Works Department at 310-781-6900.

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