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How to Register



All customers must establish an account in order to register for classes and programs.  You may establish an account by visiting our website.  Please note that all new accounts will be set to a default "non-resident status" until proof of Torrance residency has been received and verified.  You may e-mail your Torrance Proof of Residency to us at Enroll@TorranceCA.Gov.  As a new customer, you will be allowed to register as a non-resident until proof of Torrance residency has been received and verified, however, your household will be charged the non-resident rates, which are non-refundable.  For more information on Torrance residency, click here.

To have the best opportunity of getting  your desired class(es), register in the following PRIORITY order.

1.  Online Registration (register online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at your convenience)
Once your account has been established (as noted above), you may begin registering for classes and programs on the dates and times specified.  Customers registering online will be charged a non-refundable 2.5% convenience fee.  You may add classes to your shopping cart or to your wish list.  Classes in your wish list are NOT guaranteed enrollment.  Enrollment confirmation will be made when payment is made.  Online customers will be timed out after 10 minutes of inactivity.  If you experience difficulties with our online registration, call our internet help line during business hours at 310.618.2723. 

Phone-In Registration
Phone in your registration by calling 310.618.2720. Proof of residency must already be on file in order for Torrance residents to register by phone.

3.  Walk-In Registration
Walk in your registration to the City of Torrance Community Services Department Registration Office, 3031 Torrance Blvd. Please bring your proof of Torrance residency with you (if applicable).

4.  Fax-In Registration
Fill out the registration form complete with your credit card information and sign where indicated.  Fax the completed form to 310.781.7598.  Faxes sent prior to the first day of registration will be processed with faxes received on the first day of registration.  Confirmation will be e-mailed to you once your request has been processed.

5.   Mail-In Registration
Fill out the registration form.  If paying by credit card: include your credit card information and sign where indicated.  If paying by check: include a separate check for each class.  Makes checks payable to: City of Torrance.  Include your driver's license number on the form.  Mail your completed form, payment and self-addressed envelope (or an e-mail address) to: City of Torrance Registration, 3031 Torrance Blvd., Torrance CA 90503.  Mail sent early will be processed with mail postmarked the first day of registration.  Confirmation will be mailed or e-mailed to you.