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Skypark Project Area

Skypark Project Area Map, the City's second project area to be established, is one of the most valuable business parks in the City of Torrance. The Skypark Office & Medical Center is known for extensively landscaped gardens and water features.  The project area encompasses approximately 30 acres and is located between Hawthorne Boulevard, Madison Street, Lomita Boulevard, and Skypark Drive.  Shortly after its completion, Skypark was awarded the Pacific Coast Builders Conference Gold Nugget Award for its unique commercial mixed use site plan.  Skypark, much like Meadow Park, is going through a transformation, where medical uses are becoming the trend and surpassing general office use, which dominated the center at its inception.

Some of the current businesses located within the Skypark Project Area Map include two restaurants: TGIF and Olive Garden, and various industrial and general offices, medical offices and banks: Prudential, South Bay Family Medical Practice, Bay Cities National Bank and Cathay Bank.

Skypark Plan 

Skypark Development Standards 

Skypark Project Area Map