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The Environmental Division

Code Enforcement

The mission of the Environmental Division is to help preserve the appearance, character and quality of our neighborhoods and our community, and to ensure that we continue to maintain the high standards that make Torrance such a desireable place to live. 

We provide a number of services, including enforcement of zoning and land use codes, property maintenance and nuisance codes, both community noise and airport noise codes, as well as unpermitted building.  The  Torrance Municipal Code sets the standards for our community.  We use three tools to ensure that those standards are maintained: education, enforcement and dispute mediation.   

If you would like to file a complaint regarding conditions in your neighborhood, please call (310) 618-5929.  You will need to provide the address of the property as well as a specific description of the complaint.  Our staff will generally respond by making a site inspection to determine if there is a violation.  If there is, notice will be given to the resident, and we will explain what needs to be done to correct the violation.  Our goal is to gain compliance by working with the resident, however, in some cases, we may also issue citations,  hold administrative or abatement hearings or use other legal means to achieve compliance.

The value of Code Enforcement to the community lies in our ability to help maintain the quality of life for our residents and to help maintain the appearance of our neighborhoods.