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 | Signals, Street Lights, Street Painting, and Signs

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Signals, Painting, and Signs

Traffic and Lighting Division

Signal Maintenance The Traffic and Lighting Division has three employees that maintain the City's 120 traffic signals and associated equipment.  Of these signals, 83 are interconnected to the Signal Shop at the City Yard via phone lines, which allow remote monitoring as well as ensuring proper coordination. This section is responsible for the installation and maintenance of specialized equipment in a few intersections for safe access for vision-impaired pedestrians. This section implemented an emergency preemption system that allows emergency vehicles (fire and paramedics) to change the signals remotely to provide for quicker response in emergencies.

Not all signals in Torrance are maintained by the City of Torrance Traffic and Lighting Division.  Click here for a .pdf map that shows the signals and the proper maintenance agency along with contact phone numbers.

Street and Curb Painting 
Four employees maintain the pavement and curb markings on over 540 curb miles of streets and City-owned properties.  This group uses spray painting and thermal plastic coating application machines to apply street markings and legends.

The Traffic and Lighting Division has two employees that maintain, install, and inspect the 70,000+ traffic signs in the City.  This includes street name signs at over 2,000 intersections, hazard markers, guardrails, and signs in City-owned parking lots. A sign survey is currently underway to create an accurate inventory of every street sign in Torrance.

Pavement Markers
The Traffic and Lighting section is also responsible for the annual replacement and installation of raised pavement markers on selected arterial roadways throughout the City. The markers are scheduled for replacement every three years.

To request repairs of existing signs or to have existing curb painting and roadway striping refreshed, please contact the Public Works Department at 1-310-781-6900 or e-mail the request by clicking here.

For questions or requests for new signs and curb painting or striping; click here for information.

Ways to Report a Street Light Outage
Most of the street lights in the City of Torrance are owned and maintained by Southern California Edison with a few areas maintained by the City of Torrance Public Works.  Click here for a map of City-owned street lights.   If the street light is in a City street light area, call 1-310-781-6900 during regular City business hours.

If you are having problems with a street light in an Edison area, call 1-800-611-1911.  

If you want to report an Edison street light issue online, click here to fill out an Edison form to report a problem.

For another option to report Edison street light problems, if you are on a mobile device, visit and download the Mobile App! You will receive an order number and will be able to check the status of the repair directly through your wireless phone.

Please have the following information ready:

Location of street light address, including the closest cross street 

Description of the problem (burned out light, flickering on and off, etc.)

Type of pole: wood, cement, or metal

Color of light bulb: white or amber

Pole Number (If it is an Edison pole, this number might be on a metal tag ending with an "E".)