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City of Torrance
Class Code: 5711

Class Designation: Civil Service

June 1973

Representation Unit: Torrance Municipal Employees
(AFSCME Local 1117)


Tree Trimmer


Under supervision, trims, shapes and cares for park and street trees; performs basic tree surgery; does related work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Basic work in tree care distinguished from Park Caretaker by tree knowledge and regular assignments to climb and cut. Distinguished from Senior Tree trimmer in not having responsibility for crew performance, safety, production and/or training.

Examples Of Duties

  • Trims and shapes trees in the City parks, streets and parkways;
  • performs basic tree surgery; uses axes, power or hand saws and other basic trimming tools;
  • fells and removes trees;
  • cultivates, sprays, fertilizes, plants and transplants trees;
  • prepares trees for moving;
  • treats tree surfaces;
  • cables, ties, stakes and braces trees;
  • maintains equipment used in the work;
  • does general tree maintenance work as required.
  • Minimum Qualifications

    Knowledge of
  • Materials, equipment and general methods used in the planting, transplanting, cultivation, trimming and care of trees.
  • Ability to
  • Read and respond in writing to directions relating to spraying, fertilizing, planting, removing or trimming trees and care for mechanical equipment;
  • Read, understand and act upon written materials at the high school entrance level.
  • License Required

    A valid California Motor Vehicle Operator's License of the appropriate class or grade.


    One year of experience in tree care.


    None required, however, high school graduation desired.