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City of Torrance
Class Code: 3450

Class Designation: Non-Civil Service/At-Will

October 1997

Representation Unit: Certain Full-Time Salaried & Hourly Employees


Rehabilitation Specialist

Assists in the Housing and Community Development Program general administration. Counsel property owners as to acceptable rehabilitation of property, recommends work required to correct building deficiencies as well as general property improvements under the guidelines of a neighborhood preservation program funded under Community Development Block Grant funds. Assists owners in the preparation of rehabilitation loan applications, contract documents, and in securing bids from contractors. Works closely with property owners and contractors within the framework of a sensitive code enforcement program, to coordinate rehabilitation work. Inspects construction work in progress and conducts final inspections. Prepares reports, maintains records, and other related work as required.

List Of Duties And Time Requirements

The Rehabilitation Specialist works with the Planning Assistant in charge to perform the following duties:


Weekly Hours Required
1. Initial appointment with applicant: to counsel applicant as to acceptable rehabilitation of property. 1-2
2. Initial inspection of structure to determine amount of rehabilitation needed. Recommends work required to correct building deficiencies. 1-2
3. Letter of introduction to bank for credit and title report. 1-2
4. Preparation of recommendation to Home Rehabilitation Loan Committee and participation in committee meeting. 10-15
5. Letter of notification to bank to complete loan documents. 1-2
6. Inspection of construction progress and partial payment to contractor (average 5 field inspection per loan). 10-15
7. Investigate complaints by applicant or contractor. 1-2
8. Final inspection and payment. 1-2