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City of Torrance
Class Code: 1211

Class Designation: Civil Service

January 2001

Representation Unit: Police & Fire Trainees


Police Recruit


Under direction, to attend a Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified basic recruit academy.   Upon graduation from the academy, recruit is sworn as a safety member and employed as a Police Officer.

Typical Tasks

Attend a basic POST certified academy designated to provide an entire overview of the criminal justice  system which includes training in laws, police procedures, law enforcement techniques first aid and  physical fitness.

Employment Standards

  • Education - High school graduation (A California high school equivalency certificate (GED) is acceptable).
  • License   A valid California Driver's License.
  • Vision   20/50 corrected to 20/20, each eye.  Normal color perception.
  • Age - At least 21.
  • Citizenship - Must be United States citizen or resident alien who has applied for citizenship one year prior  to filing for position. 
  • Physical Requirements - Applicant must be in good physical condition and free from disability or defects.  Height and weight must be in proper proportion subject to determination by the City medical examiner.
  • General Qualification

  • Ability to observe and learn various laws, police procedures, law enforcement techniques, and first aid.
  • Ability to analyze problems and have potential to rationally  and calmly take effective action in emergency and stress situations.  Ability to undergo strenuous physical conditioning.