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City of Torrance
Class Code: 1640

Class Designation: Civil Service

October 2005

Representation Unit: Executive and Management Employees


City Librarian


Under general direction, plans, organizes and directs the activities of the Library system; coordinates activities iwht other City departments, divisions and outside agencies; and performs related work as required.

Distinguishing Characteristics

The City Librarian is distinguished from the Community Services Director in that the incumbent does not have responsibility for the entire department.  Distinguished from managers and supervisors in that the incumbent is responsible for management oversight of the entire Library system. Work is performed within a broad framework of general policy and requires creativity and resourcefulness to accomplish goals and objectives and to apply concepts, plans and strategies that may require non-traditional methods to achieve established goals and objectives. The incumbent exercises broad judgment in defining work objectives and determining methods and systems to meet objectives.  Work is reviewed for overall results.

Supervision Exercised/Received

Receives general administrative direction from the Community Services Director; provides direct supervision to managers, supervisors, professional and support staff of the department.

Examples Of Duties

The following duties represent the principal job duties; however, they are not all-inclusive.

  • Plans, organizes, directs and reviews the operations and services of the municipal library system.
  • Manages the work of staff including: coaching staff for improvement and development, training, assigning, reviewing and evaluating work performance; coordinating activities, maintaining standards, allocating personnel, selecting new employees, recognizing employees, acting, on employee problems and recommending and implementing employee discipline.
  • Provides leadership, maintains effective employee relations and works with managers in the development and retention of competent personnel.
  • Develops, implements and evaluates library system plans, policies and procedures to achieve annual goals and objectives.
  • Develops, presents and monitors the annual library budget; manages the development and administration of the Library division budget; directs the forecast of additonal funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials and supplies; directs the monitoring of and approves expenditures.
  • Reviews and evaluates service delivery methods and systems, including administrative, support systems, and internal relationships with the division; identifies opportunities for improvement and implements changes to standard operating procedures to enshance services; ensures that the Library system fully utilizes current information systems and library related technologies.
  • Provides recommendations regarding facility needs; sets priorities for facility development based on community input and staff analysis.
  • Meets with civic groups, citizens and the media to increase public awareness of library services and resources.
  • Develops short and long-range plans for maximizing resources and services available to the public.
  • Assesses community needs and trends; projects future demographic changes and resulting needs; develops long range strategies for programs and facilities based upon changes.
  • Oversees the research, applications and administration of library and other related grantsand funding sources.
  • Prepares and presents various statistical and analytical reports, analyses, correspondence, etc.
  • Attends various City Council, Commission, and community and staff meetings as required.
  • Serves as liaison for the Library system with other City departments, division and outside agencies; identifies, negotiates and resolves significant and controversial issues.
  • Keep abreast of changing trends and technology in public library operations, and implements policy and procedure improvements as appropriate.
  • Examples of Other Duties

    The following duties represent duties that are generally performed by this position, but are not considered to be principal job duties:
  • Conduct and/or attend meetings as required.
  • Participates on external committees, boards, and task forces, etc., as appropriate.
  • Represents the Division in Administrative hearings and participates in the grievance process as required.
  • Responds to citizen inquiries and resolves difficult and sensitive complaints. 
  • Perform related duties as required.
  • Qualification Guidelines

    Knowledge of

  • Principles and practices of public librarianship and public administration.
  • Principles, techniques and practices of modern library management, including administration, circulation, reference, youth services, branch and technical processes. 
  • Materials selection criteria for a public library.
  • Non-print materials, audio-visual procedures and techniques.
  • Library programs appropriate for all segments of the community.
  • Automation techniques applicable to library operations.
  • Principles of customer service and public relations.
  • Principles of management and supervision.
  • Employee relations including the meet and confer process, grievance procedures and contract interpretation and administration.
  • Budget preparation principles.
  • Applicable local, State and Federal regulations.
  • City ordinances and administrative rules and regulations affecting departmental operations and personnel matters.
  • General City operations.
  • Ability to

  • Plan, organize, direct and manage the operations of a modern library system.
  • Manage available resources to meet service levels and changing public demands.
  • Develop and implement complex strategic plans and programs, and methods to evaluate programs. 
  • Create vision and strong leadership for the division.
  • Analyze and evaluate new service delivery methods, procedures and techniques. 
  • Evaluate books and non-print materials; evaluate and develop materials collections.
  • Develop and administer a large departmental budget.
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  • Present proposals and recommendations clearly and logically in public meetings.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the City Council, public officials, other department heads, staff, private and community organizations, and other encountered in the course of work.
  • Develop community support for library programs and services.
  • Interpret and apply Memoranda of Understanding, City ordinances and administrative rules and regulations affecting departmental operations and personnel matters.
  • Operate a computer and utilize a variety of word processing and specialized library software applications, the internet and other office equipment.
  • Understand and carry out oral and written directions.
  • Ensure the maintenance of proper department records.
  • License or Certificate

    Must possess and maintain an appropriate, valid California driver's license.

    Education and Experience

    Any combination of education and experience that would have provided the required knowledge and skills is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and skills would be:
    A Master of Library Science degree from an ALA accredited college or university and six years of professional library experience, including at least three years of management experience and administrative responsibility for a library division or divisions.

    Special Requirements

    Performance of the essential duties of this position includes the following physical demands and/or working conditions:
    Requires the ability to exert a small amount of physical effort in sedentary to light work involving stooping and bending, and moving from one area of the office to another; sufficient hand/eye coordination to perform repetitive movements, such as the use of calculators or other office equipment and supplies. Tasks require visual perception and discrimination and oral communications ability. Tasks are regularly performed without exposure to adverse environmental conditions.

    Career Ladder Information

    Experience gained in this classification in addition to training and course work may serve towards meeting the minimum requirements for promotion to Community Services Director.